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Some of my favorite childhood memories include reading and learning to read by myself to get lost in a book. If you will forgive me oldmanyellsatcloud.gif The moment: It’s such a huge loss that so many kids are so thoroughly surrounded by screens that it’s hard to even experience it. It was a pleasure, then, to see Oranoff launch her StoryPhones at CES this year. The headphones, independently of any other devices you connect them to to play audio, can store a range of audio content within the headphones themselves. Perfect to get lost in the magic of fairy tales and magic.

The company announced that it’s even stumbled on a content collaboration with Disney to release it, with a collection of stories for kids, bringing to their ears characters kids likely know from the big and small screen. The headphones will ship with stories that include some of the most iconic characters and stories in the Disney lineup, including Mickey and Minnie Mouse, The Little Mermaid, Frozen, The Lion King, Toy Story, The Incredibles and Monsters Inc. And more. . The company claims to have a library of carefully curated content suitable for children ages 3 and up.

In addition to pre-recorded content, the headphones support something the company calls “PlayShield,” where parents can record their own stories on a mobile app, and upload them to the headphones for later playback. The company suggests it’s a way to connect with grandparents and distant families, bringing them all together through storytelling.

Finally, the product has a feature called ZenShield, which “has sound profiles that help over-stimulate children to calm down, relax, and even fall asleep.” You can think of it as a pause button for buzzing nerves, I guess. Sounds include piano music, ocean waves, raindrops, and more.

The headphones have a built-in SafeAudio feature to keep the volume low to prevent hearing damage in young children’s sensitive ears, and as a result, have received two CES 2022 Innovation Awards, in “Headphones and Personal Audio” and “Health and Wellness”.

The headphones can store about 90 minutes of content on their horrendous 64MB of storage — in a world where a 4GB SD card can be bought for $4, I’m baffled by the company including so little user-accessible storage; Perhaps they will reconsider this option in a future version of the headphones.

Initially, the headphones are released throughout Europe, in Italy, Spain, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, the UK and France, in five languages ​​- Italian, Spanish, German, French and English. The recommended retail price in Europe is £84.99 (about $115). For the US, The StoryPhones bundle that includes a headset and either a Mickey or Minnie StoryShield costs $99.90. StoryShields can also be purchased individually and range in price from $7.99 to $14.99.

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