Why You Need To Humanize Your Brand

Marketing a podcast with Jacqueline Lieberman

On this episode of the Channel Strip Marketing Podcast, I interview Jacqueline Lieberman. Jacqueline is phOrmer is Managing Partner, Head of Global Strategy Story and current founder of BrandCrudo.

Takeaway key:

Brands are people’s introduction to business and their way of interacting with businesses. The more humane the brand, the better the interaction. All the lovable brands out there are the ones that act like humans. They have a conscience, a point of view, a soul, and a character. In this episode, Jacqueline Lieberman discusses the work she does with her customers and the ways she’s helped many brands become more human.

Questions to ask Jacqueline Lieberman:

  • [1:04] One of the things you often talk about is making brands more human and putting purpose into action — can you talk about going beyond the logo?
  • [3:54] Some companies promote themselves in a way that has nothing to do with their product – like insurance companies for example. Is creating a brand personality an effective approach?
  • [5:36] How do brands deal with the fact that there are so many channels to reach consumers that in many ways are beyond their complete control?
  • [8:26] What generally happens when a company contacts an outside brand strategist, what is your process, and then what do you do to try to turn the ship around?
  • [12:28] What role does internal politics play in big companies when it comes to brands?
  • [13:42] How often do you get the opportunity to delve deeper into marketing?
  • [14:58] Do you have any examples where model gaps occur and no internal communication results in a bad experience?
  • [19:26] 2021 is still a year people have been reeling since 2020. Is there a message about trends, behaviors or things that people need to be aware of?

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