Why This Mom Entrepreneur Is All About Quarterly Planning

Pamela Beckerman is the founder of Hustle Like a Mom, a community focused on empowering and educating mothers to build a successful bridge from a mother’s life to the life of an entrepreneur, through virtual and in-person summits, workshops, group coaching, and social media sharing. It talks about entrepreneurs who want to align their personal and professional aspirations. With over 15 years of experience in media, marketing, and event production, Beckerman directs her fan-like knowledge and energy in every Hustle Like a Mom expansion. I sat down with Jessica Abu to share why she cares about quarterly planning, and how this process can help boost your business.

Jessica Abu: Pamela, can you start by telling us a little bit about your career?

Pamela Beckerman: I started my first project, bagtrends.com, which was an online magazine in 2005, right at the checkout gate of New York University. The online magazine turned into an online store and then we also started doing live shopping with experiences. This led to media campaigns. Over the course of eight years plus bagtrends.com, I’ve really taken an intensive course in business and what it means to build a live, mobile brand. Two things have become very clear, first, you have to decode your community and figure out what they need and anticipate their needs. The second most important thing is to master your messaging.

Over the years, I’ve been getting requests from young female entrepreneurs, even TV presenters that I used to work with, on how to build a brand, and how they can improve the business concept they have in the business. I love sharing tips. I love being able to share my experiences so someone else can save time or money. Most importantly, I love being able to share what I’ve learned about how to plan effectively. So how do you view your week and, more importantly, how do you view your residence so that you waste less time and adjust it in order to expand your business, as well as your life.

All this is incredible. What made you want to release Hustle Like a Mom?

It was frustration that inspired Hustle Like a Mom. By 2015, I had a daughter I had in 2013, a son I had in 2014. I had folded bagtrends.com. I’ve been traveling across the country and have been so excited and a privilege to work with brands I absolutely love, such as Home Goods, TJ Maxx, and Vital Proteins. But my career path no longer talks about my life. And the way I translated this was I realized that the ambition of my twenties no longer served me in my thirties, and I was scared. I was afraid of being forgotten. Like, what if I walk away and take a place in my 20s, and when I come back, there’s nothing for me? I was scared. I was disappointed. And I thought, “I can’t be the only one.”

So, I did what any good journalist would because at my core I’ve always been a journalist, writing articles, whether it’s for Bag Trends or on TV. And so, I called some girlfriends and said, “I need to do an interview series because I know I’m not the only one who wants to redefine what it means to be a working mother.” I didn’t even know what that meant, but I knew it shook my soul. Therefore, Hustle Like a Mom originally started as an interview series. First as a live show on Facebook, then it evolved into a YouTube interview series. I’ve had the wonderful privilege of sitting with women like Stacy Eagle, founder of Boy Meets Girl, and Latham Thomas, founder of Mama Glow.

What started with interviews led to off-camera emails, chats, texts, and I thought, “Okay, I’m into something.” Fast forward another year or two, and by 2019 I was ready to bring back the hosting hat and event production hat, which I really honed during my Bag Trends days. And I hosted my first Hustle Like a Mom event in Manhattan in early 2019. What I realized, after that event ended, is that I love the topic. I love to talk. I love the community that has been developed. But I realized that the women coming, they were able from different pockets of New Jersey, from pockets of Westchester, from pockets of Connecticut. So my girl is no longer in Manhattan.

And so, I had to step back, and re-evaluate, and decode my community, and realize, not only am I between pickup and picking up my mom from your community, that’s what was taking shape, but I’m now a suburban mom, I would say, with an urban mindset. So again, the idea of ​​decoding your community so that you can get clarity is probably one of the best things I’ve had as a string through my work, decoding the community, knowing the messages, anticipating needs.

How has COVID played a role in the development of your business and how do you plan for your year?

For the first time, I’d say, four to five months, really, the only thing I can do is IG life, which I’ve never done before, but I thought, ‘Okay, I’m going to go and do this stuff called IG life. What’s that?’ And having conversations With my community, and really understanding where they are so I can make sure that when I’m ready and when they’re ready, I create events and content that benefits them.” For five months, that’s all I did. And when I say all I did, I also homeschooled my children, obviously, like many of you. This whole experience has reinforced what I have been learning over the years as an entrepreneur, which is How do I adjust for scaling? What I’ve come up with now is instead of doing these huge paths like five year, even one year plans, I need to adjust and be realistic with where I am today? What is happening? What can I really achieve?

I have these strategies that I call quarterly planning parties, which finally, in 2022, we’ll make public. I will be hosting Quarterly Planning Hustle Like a Mom Parties. I’m really excited about them, again, what COVID taught me if you don’t have all the hours in the day, which you don’t, how can you be more impactful with your time? It just means that I need to simplify in order to amplify my business, and really focus on what amplifies my business and where my money is moving.

When you don’t have all the time in the day and have to be a really focused editor, really, you’ll be amazed at how many things you start to clip. I am the absolute sniper. I like to cut that through group training for my key message group when I do that. I love to do it one on one with people. I share their content, ideas, and inspiration on our Instagram account at Hustle Like a Mom. Editing, Editing, Editing. We need removal in order to take back control, not just of our actions but our lives. The whole point of Hustle like a Mom is to reconcile personal and professional aspirations. He’s one. You can’t just do this and not take care of it. This is the whole point of the community. That’s the point of our quarterly planning parties, that we keep in mind that you have a life outside of your business. Your work is just one part of how to diversify your joy.

So, I’m really big on editing for scaling and removing in order to take back control. I am very happy to say that I live a life of abundance, joy, and prosperity in a 20-hour work week, due to my ability to adjust, focus and then expand my work with the right movement, as opposed to doing all things.

I don’t know how to do everything you do. How do you limit all that to 20 hours a week?

I want to debunk the myth that Hustle Like a Mom means 24/7 hustle. actually no. It’s just a really good name. My secret to the 20-hour workweek is, as I mentioned, adjusting to expand. But for the sake of adjusting, here are the three things you really need to do first. First, you need to decode your community. What does it mean? Replace the word customer or user of your services or product with the community because it is a mind shift.

When you think of it as a community, you are now thinking of a person, not just a dollar sign. We spend a lot of time making sure that you really understand the 360 ​​lifestyle of the person and the people you want to attract so that you can, once again, anticipate your needs the same way I do from my Hustle Like a Mom business, because when you know what they need, you know where they are, You know how to appear, you know how to talk to attract them. This saves you a lot of time, as well as a lot of money. That’s one thing, decrypt your community.

Number two, and that’s the thing that always shocks my clients, and I say this on IG that actually lives on Hustle Like a Mom all the time is knowing what you’re really selling because you don’t really sell a handbag. I don’t really sell training software. I’m not selling you tickets to a quarterly planning party. What are you really selling? You sell an emotion. Words evoke feelings, feelings resonate, and emotions spur sales. Number one, decode your community. Second, decipher what you’re really selling.

The third thing is that you want to master your messaging. I have one very simple page that I call the Temple of the Brand Goddess. I do this with all of my clients in my group training program, as well as with everyone individually. We’ve put this massive business plan on one page. Keep it simple, you idiot. Key messages are very important. The way I get my clients to have a 20-hour workweek that is successful for them is between getting off and picking up the entrepreneurial lifestyle they want is that they have to master messaging. They make brand goddess temple with me. It gives them epic clarity and confidence. Then they know how to edit for expansion. Then they know how best to serve their community. Then they know how to plan their headquarters successfully.

What are some steps a person can take to effectively plan their quarterly goals and do what you’re recommending, which is adjusting to expand?

Here’s how to adjust to expand each quarter. Three things. I ask people to do three things every three months until it boils. The first is what will be your clear focused money move. Second, what are you going to work on that will amplify your brand? Third, what would help you reduce stress?

Very simple money movement. What is the one thing, one action, one event, pop-up event, sales opportunity that you will focus on that will be moving your focused money quarterly? Because if you put all your energy into this thing, it will probably work. So this is your move or your money. Second, how are you going to amplify your brand this quarter? So inflating your brand cannot necessarily be a financial move. Although they sometimes overlap.

I’ll give you an example of Hustle Like a Mom. Amplifying your brand, this quarter, for us, is that we’re hosting a FREE Spring Summit at the end of March. It is a free event. Why are we doing a free event? We love money. Why are we doing a free event? Because it will help increase our awareness to a wider community. It will give me a chance to go and squeeze. Again, this amplifies the brand, and makes more people know Hustle Like a Mom. It will bring us email subscribers. Email is liquid gold. If you can’t think of anything else for your business it will amplify your brand, think of something somewhere and some energy you can put in to increase your email subscribers because if you don’t send out regular emails, if not You grow a targeted email list, you leave money on the table.

So, know the movement of your money; and amplify your business. The final question is what can you do this quarter that will reduce stress in your work? If you woke up on April 1st and that thing was taken care of, whatever that thing was, and there was a burden set free from you, what would it be? Do this thing. And each of those goals, because there are only three, should be really needy. What I want you to do after you have each of these three goals is break them down into small moves so that you have a certain amount that you will do in January, a certain amount that you will do in February, a certain amount that you will do in March towards these three things, so that you feel accomplished when the first comes From April or any other quarter. You’ve edited for expansion, and you’ve probably invested more money in your pocket and increased your brand awareness than ever before.


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