Why The UPS Store Is the Best Business-Services Franchise You Can Buy

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Franchise start: 1980 Ttotal units: 5,359 Opening cost: 185.3 thousand dollars – 474.2 thousand dollars

Courtesy of UPS Store

In early 2020, the UPS store needed all hands on deck. Its stores were considered essential, which meant franchisees were going forward to help local business owners print free signage and menus as well as manage their employees.

Now, after nearly two years and out of crisis mode, their client base has changed. Customers have moved elsewhere, businesses have hybridized, and e-commerce is on the rise. But the UPS store only became more centralized as the world settled into its new styles, helping it secure its highest place in the Franchise 500 since 2001.

“We are at a turning point in e-commerce and digital transformation,” said Sarah Casalan Beetle, President of UPS Store. The bulge in online buying habits has coincided with increased returns, which has been demanded by both franchisors and the small businesses that depend on them to move products.

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Franchisees are also absorbing a new wave of small business owners. With more than 5,000 stores, 85% of America is within 10 miles of a UPS store, which prepares to handle not only printing and returns, but notary services, mass mailing, and customized solutions for small business owners.

The new POS system and the implementation of the 2020 redesign helped companies meet the intense demand. Mobile modular units such as packing and printing tables create space for a new area in the open floor plan, where customers can consult and return to print. Each of the 100 redesigned stores is flexible and changeable from day to day and hour to hour. From now on, all new stores will be placed this way. “We are studying the concept in the future, adapting to the needs of the business in the future,” said Casalan Bettel.

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The UPS store is also seeing increased demand from franchisees hoping to be drawn into its core business classification. To accommodate everyone, the brand has moved from on-site training to virtual training. It also launched the Diversity Owner Program in 2020, which offers a 50% discount on the initial franchise fee to qualify new store owners. All this totaled to 97 stores that opened last year (as of fall 2021).

“We have always focused on empowering small businesses,” both in and within the communities they serve, said Casalan Bettel.


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