Viral Video Exposes Difference In Starbucks Workers’ Salaries

If you’re inside a big target, you’re probably familiar with Starbucks locations that are often placed right at the entrance.

Artur Widak / NurPhoto via Getty Images

Artur Widak / NurPhoto via Getty Images

The coffee shop chain operates more than 1,300 Targets coffee shops across the country, giving it an even bigger footprint when it comes to reaching a wide client base.

But one TikToker company is making waves for pointing out a fact that many workers may never have thought of — that because Starbucks employees who work in coffee shops inside Target stores are tech-savvy employees, their salaries are up to the discretion of Target, not Starbucks.

In a video that has since garnered more than 190,100 views and 18,000 likes, a Starbucks employee named Anna pointed out the salary disparity.

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“Company workers who know Target Starbucks workers are paid $15 an hour to do less work,” the video reads via video clip of Anna singing along with lyrics that ironically say “my heart breaks.”

In the comments, many referred to Target Starbucks sites as “Starbucks,” giving their two cents and sparking a conversation about which coffee chain variation has better business conditions and options.

annalovescoffee Target Starbucks >>> #starbucks #fyp ♬ Breakin My Heart – Jodeci’s groupie

“Starbucks companies are 10 times better than Target bc u get free food and drinks and don’t work alone,” one user wrote in a comment that has liked more than 250 times.

The original poster offered “It’s true but I’d love to get more money + Target Starbucks is slow here”.

“But there are no free drinks, food, coffee bags, 30% off, Spotify, tuition, or part-time healthcare,” another pointed out to the original poster, listing some of the benefits workers can get. companies.

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Anna explained, “The free tuition is bad though because you have to work 20 hours a week.” “I’d rather have more money and aim for health care.”

Other commenters who claimed to work for Starbucks said they earn across the board, some earning $12, $15.60, and even $17 an hour, while Anna said she was only earning $9.50 an hour before switching to the Target version of the store.

In October, Starbucks announced that by the end of the summer of 2022, all employees in the United States would earn a minimum of $15 an hour and up to a maximum of $23 an hour depending on years of service. By the end of this month, employees with more than two years of employment will receive a 5% raise, and those with five years of service with the company are eligible to earn a 10% raise.

According to In fact, the national average salary for a target Starbucks barista is $13.36.

There are currently more than 15,200 Starbucks locations in the United States, including those inside and operated by Target and other major stores.

The coffee shop chain is up 1.19% year over year as of Tuesday afternoon.


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