Unplug, Recharge, and Smell the Forest with Getaway House

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It’s no secret that the busy lifestyle of most people these days leaves little time for nature. It also leaves little time to breathe, rest, talk, and unplug from your devices. Getaway House aims to solve this problem by giving nature lovers the opportunity to separate and relax in an unknown location.

smuggler’s house

Conveniently located within an hour or two of many major cities (with more sites on the way), Getaway House provides guests with tiny cabins with all the built-in amenities they need to survive without any extravagant extras.

The point of their holiday service is to indulge you in the little things, which is easy to do when there’s no luxury or clutter around you. From the big picture window you sleep next to to the simple kitchen stocked with basic cooking utensils including even salt and pepper, all you need to enjoy nature is yourself.

Curious about the Getaway House experience? It is actually very simple. Choose a major city, find out how many cabins are available for you, book a cabin, and have fun.

Each cabin has one or two queen beds (the second is high for an extra treat), a kitchenette stocked with basic necessities like pots, pans and olive oil, a full bathroom with shower, towels, toiletries, and the option to add the provisions each cart needs such as a S’ mores and coffee for a small fee.

Outside each chamber is a fire pit and chairs, and if you choose to add them to your provisions, there are some records and a starter record. In short, it is the perfect recipe for a city escape, and the opportunity to sleep under the stars that you will be able to see clearly from the photo window.

Some might call it the adult version of Scouting, but it’s nothing short of perfect for those who need a few days’ escape. Since you can add provisions, you can basically book a vacation and leave without worrying about any planning or packing, which is probably the biggest incentive of all.

Where is the escape house?

Getaway House is expanding its cabin selections every month. Currently, they serve about a dozen metro cities including Los Angeles, Portland, Seattle, Chicago, Kansas City, Minneapolis, Cleveland/Pittsburgh, Atlanta, Charlotte/Raleigh, Nashville, New Orleans, Boston, New York, and Washington, DC.

Revitalize the energy, remember what the world was like before your smartphone became your fifth accessory and see if Getaway House is in your area yet. Take a minute to travel the road where the road doesn’t go and see its beauty.


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