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The age of the Internet brings with it many advantages, especially if you are running a business.

You no longer have to spend hundreds on billboard ads or a spot in the paper. Getting your business and brand in front of hundreds of potential customers is affordable and easy to do online. It pays to connect with an outside company that promotes social media growth as part of their services.

However, as with any market niche, you cannot count on all of these companies to do a good job. Let’s review one of them and decide if it’s worth linking to.

What is Tw-Growth?

Tw-Growth is a Twitter growth service that appears to provide real growth and assistance in helping you develop your Twitter brand.

However, rumors state that they are violating some copyright laws about the way their website was designed. It looks like they copied their template from another similar company, which begs a question about credibility.

Let’s give them a thorough review and see if they are the kind of company worth hiring to do your Twitter post.

Tw-Growth Review

We’ll start by reviewing the positives

  • FAQ and help page: Tw-Growth has provided an in-depth FAQ page available to search before you sign up for anything. This is a good level of accountability that they have to have on their part because it shows that they care about the customer to a certain extent and they know you should have initial questions about what they are offering.
  • Email and phone form: Tw-Growth included another piece of accountability that once again shows she means well with the client. Having an email and phone form ensures that they have your personal information on file for the duration of your subscription, allowing them to provide you with the best customer service they can provide.
  • Confirmed Payment Gateways: Fortunately, they have made an effort to check the payment gateways in the sign-up process. We recommend that you avoid any company or website that does not have this essential security feature.

Now, we’ll review the negatives

  • secure site: Although Tw-Grow has thought of a couple of security measures to calm the customer’s mind, they have left out one of the most important – a secure https site. You should not share too much personal information on a site that is not https secure.
  • 24/7 customer service: While Tw-Growth has an FAQ that can help answer any questions you may have at first, they don’t have a 24/7 customer support team ready to help you if for some reason their service isn’t working.
  • Real Reviews: While it is not necessary to have real on-site reviews on any website, it certainly helps your credibility with a potential client. The fact that they do not raise a red flag on their legitimacy and ability to provide you with a reliable sharing service.

Is Tw Growth a scam? Is Tw Growth Safe?

After reviewing TwGrowth, we decided to say that it is not safe to use and should not be linked to your Twitter account.

Although they may offer the client a legitimate service, the design of their website and the many levels of security they leave make us doubt their authenticity.

We don’t think it’s a very good idea to associate yourself with a company that already appears to be copying other websites to run its business, so it’s best to stay away from Tw-Growth.

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