The Startup Magazine What Do Employment Drug Tests Look For

A drug use test is designed to look for a variety of drugs and alcohol from a sample, which can be either hair, urine, or even saliva. There are a few different drugs that can be screened and the drugs that will be selected will depend on your area and employment, but some standard drugs include marijuana, alcohol, opioids, and amphetamines. Depending on the type of sample used, drug screening can detect drug use for the past few days up to 12 months in duration. If you want to know more, check out the Redwood Drug Test for more information.

When Does Employment Substance Test Happen?

There are many times during employment that substance abuse testing can happen, so it is important to be aware of the main reasons you might be tested. Many employers will take testing during the screening process, to ensure that the candidates are drug-free and a good fit for their companies. This will vary from company to company, but I would expect testing to take place during the shortlisted portion of the recruitment process.

Once hired, there are many companies that conduct regular drug testing, especially for those industries associated with tourism and transportation, where it is imperative that their workers be drug-free and able to perform their duties effectively.

There are also specific incidents that may require drug testing, such as if there has been an accident in the workplace to ensure there is no drug-related disability. Likewise, a drug test may be required when someone returns to work after a long vacation. You may also find that there is a drug test if someone in your company suspects that you are using drugs.

If nothing is out of the ordinary, you can expect a random drug test every three months at most companies. The goal of the randomized test is for everyone to have an equal chance of being tested and you will not receive any notification if you are selected for the test.

What happens if you fail the test?

What exactly will happen will depend on the company, but in general it is very dangerous if you fail a drug test. It is possible that you could lose your job, as well as have any licenses revoked from you. There are many industries in which it is not safe for employees to be drunk or under the influence while at work, so for these reasons, most companies are very vocal about positive results.

If you want to know specifically what can happen with a positive outcome, be sure to review your company’s individual policy. If you return a positive result during the employment pre-screening process, you will not proceed with the hiring process and you will not be awarded the job.

Substance abuse testing allows us to ensure that people who work in sensitive jobs, such as the transportation industries, are not using any drugs or alcohol that could impair their ability to do their job well. Many other companies may benefit from drug testing to ensure their employees are healthy and performing at their best.

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