The Startup Magazine The Fundamental Reasons behind Corrupted Outlook

Outlook is an email providing service launched by MS as part of Microsoft Office. The Office suite was created by Microsoft to store and transfer information such as schedules, calendars, contact information, professional emails, important events, birthdays, dates and many other daily tasks and work in one place. Outlook was launched in 1997 by Microsoft as an important part of the 1997 suite. Microsoft’s goal in offering this package was to provide its users with the scope to share personal and business information from one place to another securely and efficiently. But a corrupt Outlook account can lead to severe consequences for its user.

Since the launch of Outlook, it is constantly being upgraded and developed by Microsoft which brings many changes in user interface, features, usability and functionality.

What leads to corrupt expectations?

Although Microsoft is one of the biggest technology giants globally, Outlook has a strong network when it comes to functionality. But the continuous work and loading on Outlook on a massive scale causes some errors and errors in the service, thus corrupting the outlook. Moreover, new updates in outlook app can also cause some errors in the file which leads to malfunctions. Although Microsoft is one of the largest companies in the world in terms of technology, consistent errors in Outlook have created a negative impression of the company on the minds of Outlook users.

Among the many causes of public criticism Microsoft encountered for its Outlook app, the most common one was a corrupt Outlook file. PST file is the service that Outlook provides to its users through which they can transfer their data from one file to another. Moreover, they can recover their data from PST file in case the data has been deleted, corrupted or even permanently deleted from the account.

Outlook data recovery feature made their app unique among other competitors because other email providers either don’t offer a way to transfer data or give a limited amount of storage, for example Gmail, which is a Google email provider that only provides 15 GB of storage , while Outlook provides a total storage space of 50 GB, which is more than three times that of google. It is undeniable that PST is an indispensable part of Microsoft Outlook and the basic foundation of Outlook is based on PST files only.

A corrupt Outlook interface can lead to severe consequences for a company because data is a critical component of every organization.

Here are some of the reasons why PST file gets corrupted:

Technical glitches, software crashes and their causes

Software failure is a very common error and complication faced by many applications, which leads to corruption of PST files and entire Outlook. Broadly speaking, software corruption is caused by four factors. The primary factor is file size. However, Microsoft has been making continuous efforts in increasing Outlook file storage capacity with new updates over the past few years, and it can be seen that as files start to reach their maximum capacity, the chances of files being exposed to a corrupt Outlook account have increased dramatically. Most cases of Outlook file corruption are due to the storage limit. Server speed is restricted to avoid server traffic, which may cause some files to malfunction.

Secondly, Outlook files may also get corrupted due to file malware attack. If the data stored on your desktop contains any viruses or malware or there is a potential threat to your PST files, it can seriously damage your Outlook application including all information of calendars, schedules, reminders, notes, essential mails, etc. a lot. In addition, if someone transfers their information or data from one desktop to another, there is a high chance that the data you are transferring may consist of malware that can damage the specific desktop leading to dire consequences.

Followed by malware and virus threats on your PC, another possible reason could be third-party software application on your PC. Outlook supports many extensions and add-ons in its application. However, a security check is Microsoft’s mandatory policy when it comes to allowing the extension of its Outlook app; Some applications may contain a potential PST file threat that can corrupt Outlook.

External malfunctions and devices

Although Outlook more commonly encounters internal failures and crashes for users, it is undeniable that external failures play a crucial role in corrupted Outlook.

A hard drive is a physical device in a computer where all computer data is stored. If your hard drive is damaged or corrupted for some reason, the data in the entire Outlook file may be lost.

Moreover, the data connection in most places in the world is not strong enough. Slow data connection disrupts file transfer, constant rejection due to internet connection and data corruption.

Finally, there is a famous saying that a completely damaged external device is less harmful than a slightly damaged one. If a small part of the device is isolated from the computer, it may result in incomplete data writing, data cavity and data overwriting. It may take a long time for you to notice a damaged Outlook account to diagnose it until the damage has already occurred in the Outlook file.

How to avoid corruption in Outlook?

It is a relief to all the users that even if their Outlook files are damaged, there are plenty of reliable and trusted tools available in the market like Datanewman, which helps to recover data even from permanently deleted files.

Moreover, you can take several precautions to avoid Outlook account corruption, such as not filling data with the total capacity of files, upgrading to the latest version, and not installing any third-party software on your computer, which can be a potential threat to Outlook your.

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