The Startup Magazine Stephen Braverman: An Entrepreneur Success Story

The financial world has seen some very successful people in the last few decades. One of these is Stephen Braverman. Steve has conquered the financial world over the past decade with some of the most innovative ideas that have changed the market. His most recent success was Dignity Gold which was It was founded in 2019 by Braverman and partner Kent Swig.

In this article we will look at his journey and the traits that helped him achieve what he did.

About Steve Braverman

Stephen Braverman has been in the commercial industry for over 30 years. Initially, he spent the first ten years of his career at Knight Capital Group, Inc. Later, Steve worked as the general manager of a listed stock trading.

After working at Knight Capital Group, Steve started working at Clearview Trading Advisors. There, he traded securities and managed a discretionary account for a California hedge fund. Besides, it has consistently shown profitability with extremely low volatility.

After working for several companies, Steve began to focus more on his financial ideas. Subsequently he founded, as well as became the chairman of the board of directors of Liquid Holdings. The company is best known for its order delivery system, liquidity ledger, and New York Stock Exchange partner. If you thought this was where it all ended, you would be wrong! Steve also founded B3Square1 LLC, an online games and software company.

Latest Awards

After many financial successes, Steve founded Dignity Gold along with his partner Kent M. Swig. The company’s main goal was to issue a dignity token that could be backed by gold deposits located across the United States. On this basis, the company issued its token known as the DIGau token.

The premium DIGau value is backed by gold. There are approximately $6 billion in proven and verifiable gold reserves pledged under trust instruments, and a pledge and security agreement has been indirectly allocated to Dignity Corp through parent company Dignity Gold. A verified geological survey report NI 43-101 stated that gold reserves were about 3.4 million ounces.

One of the mines containing a large amount of gold is located at Burnt Peak in Lincoln County, Nevada in the United States. The astrologer is known as the Panguitch Claim. It is one of the contiguous claims on the site. The company’s main focus is to incorporate new ways of investing in the US precious metals, mining and metals sector. To achieve this goal, the company has to expand its financial expertise, forward-looking organizational approach, and diversify.

Why Dignity Gold is Steve’s biggest achievement to date

Dignity Corp. Dignity Gold Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Dignity Gold, has already implemented a creative plan to use gold reserves to support its token, and the company has already issued its first batch of tokens on November 15, 2021.

With the legitimacy of these tokens and their strong security, many investors are showing keen interest in investing in the token. Wallets to which DIGau tokens will be issued in a completed KYC/AML (Know Your Customer/Anti Money Laundering) process, making the system legitimate and secure.

DIGau token holders will likely receive dividends and guarantees to purchase other coins at a discount. In addition, each token holder will receive 15% of the profits of the corresponding investment fund linked to the DIGau token. Token holders will be allowed to use this as a lending base every investor tries to get these tokens!


Although Stephen Braverman has been a huge financial success so far, he should be able to go one step further with Dignity Gold and make DIGau a very successful security token.

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