The Pain Of Two-Minute Tasks

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About this episode:

In this episode of the Agency Spark Podcast, Sarah talks with Pieter K de Villiers about the pain of two-minute tasks.

Peter is the CEO and co-founder of Macanta Software Ltd and an expert in small business systems and automation.

Peter is the two-time Amazon Bestselling Author, “Barefoot Business: 3 Key Systems to Attract More Potential Customers, Earn More Sales and Delight More Customers Without Your Business Killing You” and one of the co-authors and organizers responsible for bringing together expert contributors on three continents, To produce another #1 Amazon bestseller, “The Freedom of Franchise!”.

Born and raised in South Africa, Peter moved to the UK in 1997. He is husband to Sophie, a consultant medical oncologist, and father to the wonderful Emily and Olivia.

Peter has a passion for hi-fi, music, books, single malt whiskey, and smoker’s barbecue, but he doesn’t like wearing shoes very much.

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