The Next Wave of Everyday Health and Wellness Treatments

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Smart entrepreneurs interested in owning the next big thing might want to take a look at Franchise CRYO, an integrated health and wellness company that uses cold therapy therapies to address a number of health issues and help improve the quality of life for its customers, the company says.


While the idea of ​​getting rid of depression or pain may seem suspicious at first, it is a medical, data-driven method for tackling a number of health issues and has already been embraced by seniors like Tony Robbins and Mark Wahlberg with top-tier NBA and NFL teams. Even the US Air Force has adopted many cryotherapy techniques.

What is cryotherapy?

Cryotherapy, which literally translates to cold therapy, is a non-surgical way to treat a number of normal health complaints ranging from pain to migraines to rashes and in some cases even small rounds. CRYO itself is a company dedicated to providing the most effective way to deliver cryotherapy to people by utilizing customer feedback, continuous research, and a commitment to developing cryotherapy applications as the new century progresses.

Regular and required cryotherapy treatments have been found to help treat and relieve pain associated with many conditions. Here are some of the most well-known benefits to look for from CRYO cryotherapy:

Reducing nerve irritation. The company says that one of the main reasons athletes turn to cryotherapy at centers like CRYO is that it can be an effective way to treat injuries and numb debilitating pain immediately. Cold can be an effective way to numb pain and can help treat acute injuries, chronic pain, and compressed nerves.

Migraine treatment. The company says many people who suffer from self-destructive migraines turn to cryotherapy because applying cold directly to the carotid arteries can help reduce pain immediately by cooling blood flow as it enters the blood vessels within the skull. As one of the few treatment options that carry very few side effects, many people who suffer from migraines vouch for the effectiveness of cryotherapy.

Hope for mood disorders. While cryotherapy isn’t a primary treatment for mood disorders, it can be a complementary treatment option for some because extremely cold temperatures can force psychological hormonal responses that can help those suffering from depression and anxiety, says CRYO.

Arthritis pain relief. In addition to calming the nerve inflammation caused by acute injuries, cryotherapy also has the potential to reduce pain in those with arthritis, which includes a large number of athletes and those in physical occupations.

Bring CYRO to your community.

CYRO is a center focused on offering cryotherapy with the intent of making the above benefits accessible to the modern consumer. The company says that by creating an entry service that can deliver immediate health benefits, franchisees can be proud to open unique health and wellness solutions to their community.

Find out what investing in a CRYO franchise today can do for you and your community!


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