The Key to Getting the Most Out of Your Nearshore Software Team

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Nearshore teams give smaller tech companies an edge in competing with the bigger companies—that is, affordable specialized talent. For smaller US-based software and technology development companies, understanding how to effectively manage their near-shore teams can make a difference in whether or not their investment pays off.

Getting the most out of a team near you includes effective delegation and management, but there are some specific things smaller software development companies can do to keep remote engineers engaged and not feeling isolated. Finding and delivering what motivates your team (even if it’s a single “team”) will ensure that the money that comes close to your sources is well spent.

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Provide social support

Not only are the staff members near you working remotely from the main company, they are also more likely to work from home.

Many software developers thrive in a remote working environment as long as they are given clear direction and an understanding of schedule and performance expectations. However, every developer has different needs, so knowing the right type and amount of communication is an essential part of the hiring process.

Scheduling brief conversations 2-3 times a day is one of the most successful models for sourcing engagement. In the morning, start with a phone call or email to bypass the day’s plan and let workers near you know when you’re available for questions. Call midday to make sure everyone is on the right track, and plan to spend some time reviewing recent submissions. Make sure you say goodbye and check in at the end of the day, too.

Close communication ensures projects stay on track, but be careful not to micromanage your remote teams. Constantly talking to your developers shows that you are engaged and available. When you need to step in and solve the problem, it’s often easier when you’ve already established a good relationship.

It’s not just the socio-professional support you should provide, but the informal personal support as well. Consider hosting a monthly Lunch and Learn, where everyone can eat together and participate in person or on Zoom, with different group discussion topics related to your industry. Or perhaps encourage happy hours on Friday, either in person, remotely, or both. These groupings help your team bond and build a level of trust.

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Attractive salary and benefits

Competitive salaries are one of the critical factors in finding the best talent. One of the big mistakes software developers make in the US is complacency on their teams, and relying on a stronger dollar in Latin American countries to make their reward packages look more competitive.

However, many near-shore technologies, especially those with specialized skills, may be in higher demand than your competition. While the work environment and sense of camaraderie may inspire better performance once your team is in place, financial considerations are usually a more powerful motivator. Monitor the market, and regularly assess salary levels for the skills you need. If you’re paying less than the running price, don’t be surprised if your top talent leaves.

You can also consider other perks, such as a bonus structure or more traditional work benefits, such as paid time off and sick leave.

Navigating health insurance can be challenging when working with teams in other countries. One of the ways some successful small software companies deal with this is through a monthly stipend for long-term teams. Others seek group policies with coverage across much of North America and offer them at discounted rates to their long-term contractors.

Getting the most out of development teams near you means engagement and participation, finding the right mix of support and a positive work environment, and a proactive approach to the right benefits and salary package. When you find this “beautiful place”, you will see the best results.

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