The 13 Most Accessible Calendar Apps of 2022

Is staying organized on your list of goals for the next year? If so, it is essential to choose a time management application that provides the right functionality for your needs. Here are the best accessible calendar apps for 2022.

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The calendar app is unique in that it uses machine learning to help improve your productivity. For example, you can send a link to a colleague, and they can choose the best time for your next meeting without any additional correspondence. It also includes time tracking features, time zone availability, and more. what is the best? You can analyze your schedule to see how your day is divided by task type.

There is a reason why millions of people around the world trust Google Calendar. This powerful software easily syncs across multiple devices, making it easy to keep track of your entire day in one place. Plus, it integrates with thousands of apps, software, and other time tracking tools to truly give you optimal productivity. It is also free.

Those who are generally inclined towards Mac and iOS devices should consider Apple Calendar. It’s included as part of the iCloud platform, installs automatically and integrates with your Apple Watch. Unfortunately, there is no Windows or Android option, but that’s not a big deal for some people.

If you are familiar with Microsoft Office, you will likely enjoy using Outlook Calendar. This product installs automatically on Windows devices, but a separate app is available for iOS and Mac software.

Those with clients who regularly schedule meetings or self calls should consider Cal Friendly. This app integrates with many other programs, including Zapier, Salesforce, Stripe, Zoom, and others. The app also integrates with your website, making it easy for clients or customers to set their own appointments within the structured time blocks you’ve specified.

Students have a lot to keep track of during the week. Unfortunately, generic calendar apps are not always as useful as they can be for improving productivity. Instead, My Student Life makes it easy to keep track of class schedules, assignments, lectures, and more. As one of the few student planner apps on the market, it’s worth checking out.

Although Trello itself isn’t specifically a calendar app, it does make it possible to visually see projects on a Kanban board. These digital cards allow you to easily see what’s due on a project and the status of each step. In addition, you can sync it with your existing Google, Apple or Outlook calendar. This is particularly useful as a tool for teams or those looking to increase productivity for specific projects.

Those interested in a task management app that offers powerful functionality should check out More than just a calendar, it provides ways for you to balance your personal and work life by offering to-do lists, grocery lists, trackers, and more. This is a good combination for balancing personal and business tasks during the week.

If you’re looking for a family-friendly calendar software, you’ll love Cozi. Designed as a lifestyle planner, the software is designed for users of all ages to keep track of necessary tasks, events, and home outings. In addition, the user-friendly interface is simple and effective for almost anyone to use.

Families with young children will love OurHome. This calendar tool works great for adults, while the unique chores tracker makes checking tasks fun for kids. Best of all, it is available for both Android and iOS devices.

Managing groups of people just got a lot easier with an app like TeamUp. This calendar software is specifically designed to keep people organized with what’s going on. Best of all, it’s free for small groups as well.

If you like visual planners, you’ll want to check out Float. It’s specifically designed for teams, making it easy to see where everyone is on an individual project and what’s going on on a given day. In addition, you can record the hours worked to ensure that the billing corresponds to the billing, payroll, etc.

It’s always nice when project and calendar management apps come together. The plan allows you to assign tasks, check status, and work directly with your team to complete tasks. Additionally, it offers a great deal of integration with other tools like Google Mail, Outlook, Github, Google Drive, and others.

The most important calendar applications for the year 2022

Now that we’ve discussed the thirteen most accessible calendar apps, it’s time to try them out for yourself. It can be difficult to narrow it down to your favorite with so many features and integration.

Here’s a productive and stress-free year ahead!

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