Telegram Statistics 2022: How Many People Use Telegram?

Telegram is an instant messaging app that comes with a wide range of features and use cases. It is also cloud-based and was initially created to compete with WhatsApp, another popular instant messaging app.

It differs from the competition in that it allows users to access their account from many devices, which means you can use it on mobile and desktop simultaneously.

The company has positioned itself as a leader in data privacy in terms of encryption and rules because it takes user privacy very seriously.

The company claims that its in-house encryption far exceeds what competitors like Facebook can offer. This article will discuss various stats about Telegram as well as details about its user base.

Telegram quick statistics

  • Telegram has 550 million active monthly users
  • It has grown by 40% year-on-year
  • Telegram Tips has the largest number of users with 7.5 million users
  • Telegram has been downloaded 214 million times in the past six months
  • America owns 2% of the Telegram user base
  • Telegram has been downloaded 220 million times in India

How many people use Telegram?

Telegram had 550 million active monthly users as of July 2021 and a 10% increase over the previous six months.

For reference, in 2021 it became the most installed non-gaming app in the world. More than 63,000,000 new arrivals have installed this app in 2021.

Moreover, more than 60% of all Telegram users have been acquired over the past three years, which shows significant growth for the company.

Additionally, in January 2021 alone, Telegram experienced a brief surge of new users of 25 million over the course of a few days.

The app has seen a 40% increase in growth annually since its launch eight years ago.

Back in December of 2015, the company claimed to have recruited more than 1.5 million Brazilian users. The sudden influx of users occurred as a result of Brazil’s decision to restrict WhatsApp for two days only.

This alone has led to a significant increase in the number of new users flocking to Telegram. The app had more than 1.5 million users one day and more than 5 million users the next, all within a short 48 hour period.

After that, inquiries about the app rose online, and it is now considered the second most popular messaging app in the world.

Labor costs

To advance in the business, Telegram must generate income throughout fiscal year 2021; And then the company will have to start generating income one way or another.

As the messaging app continues to grow in popularity, the founder claims to be paying the company’s bills from his own resources, amounting to about $1,000,000 per month.

As a result, Telegram is currently in dire need of generating capital, but given the size of its user base, this shouldn’t be a huge problem.

Moreover, the founder promised that Telegram would never sell users’ personal information in order to profit from online marketing. The company pledges to keep the app free of ads, no matter how you’re monetized.

A safe haven for some

Apart from providing convenient instant messaging, Telegram is known as a safe space for communities of people to interact in private.

Back in 2013 when people raised concerns about data and monitoring of online activity about Kakao Talk in South Korea, and again during protests in Hong Kong against the Chinese government in 2019.

The app allows users to create channels and make them private or public, giving each community its own space.

So, what are some of the most popular Telegram channels on the platform? Take a look below for a list of eight channels with some of the most users.

Channel name and number of users

  • Telegram Tips (7.5 million)
  • HD Bollywood Movies (4 million)
  • Proxy MTProto (3.3 million)
  • Bitcoin News Crypto (2.7 million)
  • Crypto Trading Bitcoin (2.7 million)
  • MyPoroxy (1.8 million)
  • Cryptocurrency trading Binance (1.8 million)
  • Amazon Bollywood South (1.7 million)

Telegram’s interest in cryptocurrency

Telegram Cryptocurrency

Telegram has been a hub for crypto enthusiasts to share information, trading strategies, calls, and more for many years.

It is one of the most popular topics and channels on the platform. Over the years, the company has shown a growing interest in creating its own digital currency called TON.

Unfortunately, Telegram has abandoned its ambitions to create a blockchain in 2020, despite two years of preparation and a $1.7 billion fundraising push.

The initiative was supposed to launch in October of 2019, but the SEC filed a lawsuit against the company, accusing it of breaching securities law, and blocked the launch just weeks ago.

The company ended up in a settlement with the Securities and Exchange Commission, in addition to paying a fine of $18.5 million.

The company’s official withdrawal from the blockchain effort left a noteworthy developer community and small blockchain companies that were waiting for TON to become operational and spent time and effort on the blockchain of the future.

The coin is now available in wallet apps such as Changelly, Lumi and Free Wallet, and the community has built a bridge between the Ethereum and Free TON blockchains.

In recent reports from Free TON developers, about 440 validators are now active in the network.

Developer and API support

Telegram is also very developer friendly, developers can create bots, and members can create their own sticker packs for others to use as well.

The app uses an open API and encourages developers to create new unique Telegram apps.

For example, Samsung made use of this API and created its own messaging app six years ago in 2015.

The road to a billion downloads

App installs have skyrocketed over the past year. Telegram was downloaded more than 214 million times in the first six months of this year alone, which speaks volumes about its growing influence.

Finally, the company has reached a long-awaited milestone; As of August 31, 2021, Telegram has reached 1 billion total downloads, making it the fifteenth app in the world to achieve this feat.

I think it’s clear that WhatsApp will lose its long-standing position as a leading global messaging app.

I think the main difference between how both apps have evolved over time is that Telegram has built a strong community along the way.

Instead of just talking to friends and family, there are huge communities on the platform that are rapidly growing at a steady rate.

User data from around the world


Telegram has a very diverse user base, and each country has some interesting stats that we can go over.

For starters, the US accounts for less than 2% of Telegram’s worldwide user base, with less than 10 million users visiting Telegram on a monthly basis.

According to a Deloitte report, almost half of the entire population of Russia has Telegram installed on their mobile phones, quickly catching up with an 88% WhatsApp influence among Russian citizens.

Moreover, Telegram has been downloaded 80 million times in Indonesia, which is 8% of the global total. Since August 2021.

In addition, the app has been downloaded more than 220 million times in India, which is 22 percent of all Telegram downloads globally.

The team at Telegram plans to significantly increase their global reach over the next few years.

More developments and integration are expected from the company, as the app and its technologies are capable of more than just simple messaging.

Although it seems that Telegram will take the lead globally on WhatsApp, that does not mean that the competition will simply disappear.

You cannot forget that Facebook owns WhatsApp, which is one of the most powerful and influential companies in the world.

Where was Telegram founded?

The app development team is now based in Dubai, UAE. Telegram FZ-LLC is a company established in the United Arab Emirates and is the company behind the Telegram smartphone application.

Telegram UK Holdings Ltd, located in the United Kingdom, is the legal representative of data protection regulations, and of its parent application company, Telegram Group Inc. Its legal address is in the British Virgin Islands.

The entity as a whole has around 330 employees, and with the ever-growing user base on the platform, the company will definitely have to expand its workforce in response.

Telegram’s impact hits multiple points that WhatsApp doesn’t have. The simple fact that the company has followed the cryptocurrency shows just how far the founder and developers of the company have in mind.

The company hit 1 billion downloads which was a real nail in the coffin event. Telegram has made quite a number of significant milestones in the past two years, and it highlights a company that is attracting the eyes of many individuals and professionals alike.


Telegram has come a long way since its inception in 2013, and it is interesting to see the various factors that have helped the app continue to grow year after year.

In addition to being the most secure messaging app available, there are a few catalysts that have helped in the growth of Telegram along the way.

When the platform channel communities started to find their place, the popularity of the cryptocurrency from 2016-2018 during the bitcoin boom was a period of significant growth for that particular community.

Regardless, the company has shown remarkable adaptability by providing new features over the years and proving to its users that there is much more to come with its consistent work ethic.


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