Stephen Page On The Challenges And Opportunities Of Early-Stage Investing

Stephen Page, founder and CEO of SFC Capital SFC Capital Stephen Page, founder and CEO of SFC Capital, worked as an accountant after dropping out of school at the age of 18, but found it “too boring”. But the world of entrepreneurship opened up to him at the age of 22 when he went to … Read more

What’s An Entrepreneur To Do?

Should You Flip Or Build? getty Venture flipping is venture launch-to-sell. It is the venture equivalent of drag-car racing. The goal is to quickly sell the venture to a strategic buyer who often pays a high premium for a company that fits their corporate strategy. Instagram is a paramount example. It was sold for double … Read more

The 3 Levels Of Venture Development

Elizabeth Holmes on better days Getty Images Now that Elizabeth Holmes’ trial is over, it would be helpful to understand why the “fake” Silicon Valley method didn’t work in this case. One reason seems to be that Holmes misunderstood the phrase. There are 3 main levels of Rhino project development: · Level 1 – Basic … Read more