7 Things Not to Miss in the FDD

Opinions expressed by entrepreneur Shareholders are their own. Aside from the Operations Manual itself, no other document in the franchise investigation process is as important as a Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD). Just like the franchise industry itself, FDD adheres to Federal Trade Commission (FTC) regulations, which state that property candidates must obtain at least 14 … Read more

How Ace Handyman Services Capitalized on the ‘Do It for Me’ Economy to Jumpstart Its Growth

Andy Bell puts his good luck to work. In 2001 he ran a small business called Handyman Matters and won $50,000 worth of legal services from a trade contest. He used the windfall to draft a franchise disclosure document and operations manual, which eventually helped him start franchising his company. Then, in 2019, just months … Read more

With People Stuck at Home, Energy Bills Went Up, and Koala Insulation Stepped Up Its Game to Meet Demand

When people were stuck in their homes at the height of the pandemic, their new home renovation activities were notorious for driving demand for a wide range of home services. But it also meant people’s energy bills went up — and when they began looking for ways to cut costs while staying warm, Melbourne, Florida-based … Read more

5 Franchises That Saw Explosive Growth in 2021

Nothing stays the same on the franchise, and that’s true for the franchise 500 list as well. Each year, companies move up or down depending on their performance in the previous year. Some have a giant fall. Others are triumphant heights. This year, five brands did something particularly interesting: They all landed squarely in the … Read more

Our Definitive Ranking of 2022’s Strongest Franchises

Franchising leading businesses? This might sound like a stupid question, especially within a magazine called entrepreneur Which publishes version 43 of the world’s largest and most trusted franchise rating. However, as many in the industry will attest, the question remains. Critics say sure, franchising is business ownership — but entrepreneurship requires boldness and innovation. We … Read more

How Health and Fitness Franchises Will Flex Their Business Muscle in 2022

Opinions expressed by entrepreneur Shareholders are their own. The franchise has changed over the past two years with the fallout from the pandemic. Unfortunately, many companies did not survive. So much that it had to pivot or, in some cases, completely change the way it worked. Successful health and fitness industry leaders have done just … Read more

Mosquito Shield Enlisted the Help of a Bullish Sales Partner, and Growth Skyrocketed

Mosquito Shield wanted great thinkers who could manage vast areas, and these people were not always easy to find. As a result, the brand has turned away a lot of potential franchisees — and from the time it began franchising in 2013 through 2020, its units have been pretty much static. Then 2020 changed the … Read more

Why The UPS Store Is the Best Business-Services Franchise You Can Buy

Opinions expressed by entrepreneur Shareholders are their own. Franchise start: 1980 Ttotal units: 5,359 Opening cost: 185.3 thousand dollars – 474.2 thousand dollars Courtesy of UPS Store In early 2020, the UPS store needed all hands on deck. Its stores were considered essential, which meant franchisees were going forward to help local business owners print … Read more