‘We Now Need to Evaluate Our Organization Structure and Size of our Team’

On Thursday, Peloton CEO John Foley sent a note to Team Peloton in the form of an open letter on its website, responding to a CNBC report claiming to have obtained internal documents detailing the company’s plans to stop production of its bikes and treadmills. . due to dwindling demand. The CNBC story sent Peloton … Read more

These machines scrub greenhouse gases from the air – an inventor of direct air capture technology shows how it works

Two centuries of burning fossil fuels have pumped more carbon dioxide, a potent greenhouse gas, into the atmosphere than nature can remove. When carbon dioxide builds up, it traps excess heat near the Earth’s surface, causing global warming. There is so much carbon dioxide in the atmosphere now that most scenarios show that ending emissions … Read more

Southwest Passenger Sues Airline for $10 million, Claiming She Was Removed From a Flight for Taking Her Mask Off to Drink Water

A passenger sued Southwest Airlines Tuesday for $10 million over allegations that the carrier ordered her off the flight to remove her mask so she could drink water. Camille Krzaczynski | AFP | Getty Images via Business Insider Medora Clay Reading, 68, said in a complaint, filed in New York’s Eastern District Court, that she … Read more

Video Gives a First Look at Amazon’s High-Tech Clothing Store

For years, Amazon has been asserting its brick-and-mortar grocery presence through ventures like Amazon Go and its acquisition of Whole Foods. Now the e-commerce giant wants to take care of your clothes, too. Amazon On Thursday, Amazon announced that it will introduce its first-ever physical clothing store in Los Angeles later this year. The ad … Read more

Man Awarded $9.4 Million After Being Served a Glass of Sanitizer Instead of Water at Cracker Barrel

In the onslaught of the coronavirus pandemic, sanitizers and cleaners are quickly becoming a sought-after resource as suppliers and vendors have tried to keep up with demand across the board. Education Pictures | Getty Images Although not much was known about the coronavirus when it first appeared, people were trying all different methods and taking … Read more

Federal Judge Signs Plan to Resolve Puerto Rico’s Bankruptcy in a Record-Setting Move

On Tuesday, US District Judge Laura Taylor Swain signed a plan for Puerto Rico to set the record for the largest public sector debt restructuring deal in US history. According to Swain’s ruling, the US land debt will be reduced from $33 billion to $7.4 billion – about 80 percent. Ricardo Arduingo | Getty Images … Read more

7 Lessons From Dolly Parton, a Certified Living Legend and Pop Culture Icon

There are few people in abundance like Dolly Parton. Since her first album, the direct title has been Hi, I’m Dolly, came out in 1967, Barton’s musical career was a marvel. 25 of her songs have reached number one on the Billboard charts, and she has made 41 albums that have reached number 10. She … Read more

Low-Cost Mental Health Strategies That Yield Big Results for Company Revenue and Employee Happiness

Opinions expressed by entrepreneur Shareholders are their own. The global pandemic has generated astronomical increases in anxiety and depression that entrepreneurs cannot ignore. Now is the time for companies to invest in services and resources related to mental health and wellness in order to continue to thrive. According to a CDC report, incidences of mental … Read more