4 Lists of Franchise Rankings You Don’t Want to Miss

Opinions expressed by entrepreneur Shareholders are their own. Let’s face it: Americans are obsessed with order. All you have to do is take a look at the hotly debated top 25 football leagues to see how enthusiastic fans can get. We are a very competitive community, and our love of listings and ratings satisfies our … Read more

Searching for a Franchise for the First Time? Here are 6 Tips to Consider

Opinions expressed by entrepreneur Shareholders are their own. With over 3,000 different franchise concepts to choose from, an extensive search to find the perfect match for your goals, income potential, and lifestyle can make you chomp on a bit to get started. But before you do that, pull the reins and make sure you’re straight … Read more

The Internet Is A Right, Not A Technology

When the pandemic hit India, many state policies around the deployment of vaccines, online education and social care services assumed comprehensive internet access and literacy. Yet only 60 percent of households are connected to each other, making access to basic services inaccessible to nearly a third or more of the population – a pattern of … Read more

The 3 Levels Of Venture Development

Elizabeth Holmes on better days Getty Images Now that Elizabeth Holmes’ trial is over, it would be helpful to understand why the “fake” Silicon Valley method didn’t work in this case. One reason seems to be that Holmes misunderstood the phrase. There are 3 main levels of Rhino project development: · Level 1 – Basic … Read more