The Entrepreneurship Journey – When The Romance Ends

Being a founder involves constant “firefighting” to stay in the game. Photo by Elisa Ventour on Unsplash Entrepreneurs are quickly becoming the stars of our time. Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk and Bill Gates are household names and get the same attention as Hollywood celebrities, while Steve Jobs has become a cultural icon in the years … Read more

Board Game Entrepreneur Rachel Lowe Is In The Business Of Making Memories

Board game entrepreneur Rachel Lowe MBE Rachel Lowe MBE Rachel Lowe’s entrepreneurial journey started while working as a taxi driver while at university in the early 2000s. She had an idea for a board game in which taxis were the playing pieces, and the city with various destinations earning the players fares. The idea eventually … Read more

7 Ways To Double Your Online Business Revenue In 3 Months

The online business sales funnel includes every step from someone visiting a website to join an email list, to making a purchase and repeating a purchase. Although huge efforts are likely to go into designing, producing, and securing customers, most companies can do more to improve conversion funnels, which greatly impacts their profitability. 7 Ways … Read more

Why Top Entrepreneurs Are Hiring Ghostwriters In 2022

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