Learning To Trust Your Manufacturers

Written by Javon Frazier, Founder/CEO, Middle Master. GT With new variables making headlines, it’s a reminder that Covid-19 remains a major factor in our daily lives, affecting businesses across the board. Take manufacturing and the overall production process as an example: It is no longer a surprise or a shock to hear that a project … Read more

Novartis to Seek FDA Emergency Use Approval for New COVID-19 Therapy

Novartis said on January 10 that positive data from a clinical trial of the COVID-19 therapeutic drug ensovibep prompted the company to exercise an antiviral licensing option from development partner Molecular Partners and subsequently seek approval for emergency use from US regulators. In a statement, Novartis confirmed its plans to pay about $163 million to … Read more

The COVID-19 pandemic offers an opportunity to make a healthy shift in body ideals

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the daily lives of many people in profound and trivial ways. Embrace the beltless pants, experience creative baking — and perhaps take a long time sitting, whether for virtual meetings or Netflix parties. Tempura/E+ via Getty Images – The Conversation For many people, these types of behaviors, along with the … Read more

3 Ways Covid-19 Has Changed the Marketing World

Opinions expressed by entrepreneur Shareholders are their own. It’s been written countless times already, but the pandemic has changed nearly every industry, and it’s had a uniquely fierce impact on the marketing landscape. In the world of digital and 24/7 media, as it adapts to a seemingly changing “new normal,” marketers must be quicker than … Read more

NY Fed Develops New Index to Measure Global Supply Chain Pressure

With the world entering uncharted territory due to the global pandemic, a sudden rise in new variables, widespread uncertainty, and a nationwide shutdown, a group of federal researchers in New York has developed a new index to measure the critical factors behind all global economic activity – supply chains. The record supply chain pressures that … Read more