Strategies For Building A Successful Self-Employed Life

Marketing podcast with Jeffrey Shaw

On this episode of the Channel Strip Marketing Podcast, I interview Jeffrey Shaw. Jeffrey He is an experienced speaker and small business consultant. It helps freelancers and small business owners take control of their businesses in seemingly uncontrollable circumstances. He is also the author of Career Life: Business and Personal Development Strategies that Create Sustainable Success.

Takeaway key:

Self-employment means more than just hiring oneself. It is an option to challenge yourself to grow personally while building a business. As we develop ourselves, we level up – we are able to achieve more success. What freelancers need are business and personal development strategies to reach and maintain this success. In this episode, Jeffrey Shaw shares his holistic approach to achieving sustainable success and the self-employed.

Questions to ask Jeffrey Shaw:

  • [1:55] The term “self-employed” was viewed differently – has the perception changed now?
  • [4:36] In your mind, what is self-employment, and what space are you trying to carve out?
  • [11:20] What is your approach to personal development based on your own experience?
  • [14:01] When you work with the small business owners and self-employed you work with, where do you usually see people fall?
  • [16:01] What is the system of independent work that you mentioned?
  • [19:02] What are some traits and habits that you can identify that really serve the people trying to balance and build this ecosystem?
  • [22:22] What are some of your thoughts on self-employed individuals regarding hiring them to do work for you?

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