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Building your brand on Instagram sounds simple, right? She will forgive you if you don’t think so. All the popular Instagram accounts that are liked and followed by thousands of people every day make it look so easy.

In fact, it is really difficult to build a regular and consistent following of people who will invest time and longevity in your brand. You need great marketing skills, and you also need to be prepared to engage with your community every single day. That’s why you need an outside company to do this work for you. But can they all be trusted?

What is SocialGrow?

Social Grow is a company that provides a follow-up service for your Instagram account. We can see their different price points and we’ve also come across detailed information on exactly what they do.

While that’s a reasonable level of transparency, it’s quite a bit too much – they openly say they’re a bot on Instagram. While Instagram bots aren’t exactly terrible, they certainly come with their risks, so we also advise our readers to be careful when considering using one. Let’s give Social Grow a review.

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First, we’ll talk about the positives

  • secure site: Along with pricing and visual information about their services, Social Grow has made sure that their website is a secure https. This is important – it shows the customer that they are serious and that they also care about your sensitive information. Never share personal information on a website that does not contain this information.
  • Visual Pricing: As mentioned before, we found Social Grow’s detailed price points easy to understand and read. It also appears to be a relatively affordable company, although it does have very high margins between each package.
  • FAQ and help page: Again, as mentioned earlier, Social Grow seems willing to give you as much information as you need to get to know their services before you commit to anything. Their FAQ page is very extensive and answers basic questions that we consider necessary to know beforehand.
  • Email and phone form: Social Grow covers all of its bases, making sure it looks as above the board as possible – very typical of an Instagram bot. Because they know their services themselves are likely to be dodgy, they try to make up for it in other areas. Having an email and phone form is a good level of accountability for customers.
  • Verified Payment: Social Grow has shown that you can actually share private information on their site without worrying about it being stolen. You can also share other things like credit card information because they made sure they had the proper levels of security around their payment system.

Now, let’s talk about the negatives

  • 24/7 Customer Support: We’ve already proven that Social Grow is determined to give you the information you need before committing to any subscriptions. However, the more we look at it, the more basic this information seems. Although they have an FAQ page for help at first, they lack a customer support team that can help you once you connect your Instagram to their service. red flag
  • Real Reviews: This is actually up in the air – the reviews on their site can be real, but if appearances are anything to go by, they are most likely fake. In fact, the case could be 50/50 – some reviews have Instagram accounts linked to them, others don’t. Remember, however, that the accounts themselves can be fake.

Is Social Grow a Scam? Is Social Grow Safe?

We’ll end this up being completely honest, and say you shouldn’t use Social Grow – it’s not safe. This is simply and mainly because they are a bot on Instagram.

While they can achieve what you want on Instagram, at the end of the day, choosing a safer approach for you is safer. Success.

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