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How many times have you tried to grow your Instagram account, only to get frustrated and throw in the towel early? It may have made some highs, which were followed by some lows as well. Don’t worry, though – that’s the reality for a lot of people these days.

There are a lot of people who are struggling to find a way to grow their Instagram manually.

This is why the market is full of companies that can help – but not all of them are safe to use.

Let’s review one in particular and decide whether or not we think it’s worth using.

SocialBound Review

Social Bound is an Instagram growth service that claims to make social media marketing through platforms like Instagram easy. They claim to match their customers with an Instagram assistant, where they can communicate their preferences. There is a danger that they are a robot.

What is social obligation?

So, what exactly is SocialBound? Social Bound is an Instagram management service that states that they can help their customers with their Instagram Assistant, matching them to each individual customer.

The customer then gets a chance to tell their Instagram assistant what they need from them in terms of Instagram growth, and then they can start working out of it. They also claim to offer this so that their clients can get more of their time back, which is definitely something that many people in the industry want.

Social Bound says that they’ll have an account manager call you once you’ve paid for your subscription so you can then tell them all about the view you have for your Instagram page. They say your results will vary depending on your account, as well as a few other factors.

These other factors include things like your target audience and the number of followers you should start with. They claim that you will be able to contact your account manager whenever you need to.

SocialBound Review


  • secure site: We always appreciate companies that make an effort to secure their website with https. This means that any information you share there will be protected, and it will be easier to find through Google. This is a great way to start and show that they plan to be around for a while.
  • Visual Pricing: Social Bound has put their prices online for the world to see, which is another thing we appreciate about companies like this. They offer three different prices, with the lowest being $99 a month, the Medium package giving you $79 a month, and their last package being $69 a month. The difference between each one is when they are billed – which is my cheapest per year, so you have to pay for it all at once.
  • FAQ page: Social Bound decided to include an FAQ page on their website – although it’s on their homepage, which we don’t like. We would prefer that they put more effort into it, and put it in another webpage. It also only answers a few questions, so it’s not very accurate.
  • Customer Support: Because Social Bound says they offer a personal assistant to every customer, we can’t fault their customer support. However, we don’t know what else they offer when it comes to accountability, so while that’s a good thing, it’s not the full extent.
  • Real reviews: This aspect is a bit confusing. They seem to have real reviews on their website and are attached to real Instagram profiles. However, there are companies like this that spread fake reviews or pay someone for them – so just beware.


  • Email and Phone Form: We don’t believe they offer an email and phone form.

SocialBound Alternatives And How It Compares

We do not recommend Social Bound.

Is SocialBound safe to use? Is it a scam?

Overall, we don’t think SocialBound is safe to use. Although they tick a lot of boxes on their website, unfortunately, it’s not enough to say that we think they are safe to use.

Moreover, they think that they are only using a bot, which may cause a problem with your Instagram page. In the end, we also think that they are overpriced and that you can do a better job elsewhere.

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