Salt and Water Company Puts a Healthy Spin on Self Care

There’s been a lot of talk about “self-care” lately. But candles and scented bath products are often packed with artificial ingredients.

The founder of Salt & Water wants self-care to be good for your health. Read about how the company is working towards that goal in this week’s Small Business Spotlight.

What does work

He sells luxury self-care products, including bath salts and soaks.

business standing

Only using clean ingredients.

Founder Paris Heckman told Small Business Trends, “Our mission is to provide the health benefits of our products and to make anything with fragrance that is known to not improve health.”

How did it start

To support her family while going to school.

Heckman says, “The business started when I was in chiropractic school and I was raising two kids under the age of 2. I want to show them that women can wear multiple hats and be successful while upholding their values.”

Biggest win

Find a variety of buyers.

Heckman explains, “Since we opened in October, I’ve had two wholesale orders which are a luxury store in Belgium and I’m an organic farm in Georgia. This showed me how diverse my market really is.”

biggest danger

Invest in startup costs.

Heckman adds, “Buying ingredients in bulk and not knowing if people will buy your products is a huge risk when you invest your own money.”

How did they spend the extra $100,000

Add new products.

“I will definitely be expanding my product range,” says Hickman, “I have many ideas for cleaning the beauty industry but finances are limited.”

favorite hobby

Talk about their products with classmates.

Hickman says, “Being at chiropractic school and echoing the ideas and talking about the health benefits of the ingredients I use is super fun.”

Favorite Quote

“Man, I feel like a woman” – Shania Twain.

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Photo: Salt and Water Company

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