Rewriting Your Life From The Inside Out

Marketing podcast with Kindra Hall

On this episode of the Channel Strip Marketing Podcast, I interview Kendra Hall. Kendra He is the president and chief officer of storytelling at Steller Collective, a consulting firm focused on the strategic application of storytelling to current communication challenges. Her Wall Street Journal bestselling book, Stories That Stick, was released by Harper Leadership in the fall of 2019, which Forbes said, “may be the most valuable business book you’ll read.” Today we are talking about her latest book: Choose your story, change your life: silence your inner critic and rewrite your life from the inside out.

Takeaway key:

Most of the “self-stories” you tell yourself – the kind of person you say you are and the things you can do – are invisible to you because they have become so part of your daily mental routine that you don’t even recognize their existence. However, these subjective stories influence everything you do, everything you say, and everything you are.

In this episode, I talk with bestselling author Kindra Hall about how to take control of your own story and discover the obvious steps you can take to create the life you want. You can choose your story and live your life in a way you’ve never experienced before.

Questions to ask Kendra Hall:

  • [3:28] I want to talk about a specific word in the title of your new book. You choose the word “choice”. So what do you mean by “choice” in “choose your story”?
  • [4:52] When people say things like, “You’re just in your head, that’s why you’re stuck” — how different is the decision to choose your story?
  • [5:38] If many of these thoughts are unconscious, how do you find them to begin with?
  • [10:26] Can we talk about the term “autobiographical storytelling”?
  • [11:18] Is there a muscle you’re building or working on where you can begin to recognize these tendencies? Is this the ultimate goal?
  • [12:29] The book is made up of several parts – can you give us a glimpse of what we will find in these three separate parts and how they fit together?
  • [16:16] Is the end goal to make up a series of stories, or what might seem like affirmations you tell yourself in certain situations that you need to believe or convince yourself of?
  • [18:39] I think one of the stories many of us tell ourselves is that other people’s stories are bullshit. What effect do you think it could have on us being more receptive to other people’s stories?
  • [20:07] OK. So now I have my library built. How do I install and activate these rewritten stories?
  • [22:06] where they can learn more about your work and obviously they can get a copy of the book,

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