Technological Advances Bring New Cyber Risks. Here’s How to Mitigate Them.

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. Technology can be a wonderful thing. Properly utilized, advanced technology solutions allow us to better engage our customers, streamline ordering and invoicing processes, and increase the efficiency of our audit and internal communications. Just like with all emerging technologies, the advantages that these new solutions bring are … Read more

Are PCP Deals Worth it?

Purchasing a Personal Contract (PCP) is a great way to spread the cost of owning your next vehicle into monthly payments over a number of years. It is one of the most popular forms of financing in the UK due to lower monthly payments and more flexible options. You may be wondering if PCP auto … Read more

CausaLens gets $45M for no-code technology that introduces cause and effect into AI decision making – TechCrunch

One of the most popular applications of artificial intelligence to date is its use to predict things, using algorithms trained on historical data to determine a future outcome. But popularity does not always mean success: predictive AI overlooks many of the nuances, context, and cause-and-effect logic that goes into the outcome; As some have pointed … Read more

Why You Should Avoid Your Phone’s Default Calendar App

It’s incredible what can be accomplished in a single day. Yet highly productive people don’t simply fall into effective, efficient habits. Instead, maximizing your time requires focused decision-making and self-analysis. For this reason, it is important not to revert to default mode—especially when it comes to the default calendar app on your phone. Calendar – … Read more

Asset financiers to the rescue as Bolt plans to sign-up 200,000 new drivers in Africa to meet growing demand for ride-hailing services – TechCrunch

Bolt, the Estonian mobility tech company that recently closed a mega-tour, plans to get an additional 200,000 drivers into Africa this year, as it begins expansion into more cities within its existing markets while keeping pace with the growing demand for e-welcome services across the continent. Paddy Partridge, Bolt’s Africa Regional Director, told TechCrunch that … Read more

8 Small Business Tax Services

As a small business owner, it is important that you know everything about taxes and filing them. for your small business. You both as an individual or business owner are required to pay taxes, and you need to know what to expect when it comes to your obligations to federal, state, and local taxes. Small … Read more

Thinking About Selling Your Business? Avoid These Five Costly Mistakes

by Trent LeeAwarded as the No. 1 Business Broker in the country by the International Association of Business Intermediaries (IBBA). GT Every day, all small business owners in Cross America, inadvertently make one or more of the following mistakes, which in turn dramatically reduce the value of their business and/or the likelihood of selling and … Read more

Even After the Market Correction, Continue to Avoid These 2 Meme Stocks

Concerns about macroeconomic factors have exacerbated stock market volatility, prompting investors to abandon their holdings in speculative stocks. Moreover, the M-stock craze that began last year is gradually easing as the companies that own the most M-shares lack the financial resources to sustain their massive price gains. Therefore, we believe investors should avoid the popular … Read more