New Year’s Resolutions, Tax-Season Prep And More For Small Business Owners

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hNew year appy! I wish you all a beautiful holiday with family and friends. May 2022 brings health and happiness.

Still making up your own New Year’s resolutions? It’s easy to put pen to paper and half-heartedly commit to reading more books or taking more breaks—it’s hard to keep track. That’s why it’s important to set controllable goals.

To get you started, here are five examples of realistic New Year’s resolutions for small business owners. For example, the digital presence is more important than ever during the pandemic, so why not expand the digital footprint of your business? It may seem like a daunting goal, but by starting small and focusing on one aspect at a time – say, a social media platform – it will be much easier to achieve.

If you are looking for something you can tackle right away, join a small business. It’s a great way to network across industries and can also lead to new business opportunities.

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Baby food startup Yumi has secured $67 million in Series B funding to expand its product offerings. The company, which has raised $79 million in funding to date, counts the founders of Warby Parker, Harry’s and Uber, as well as celebrities such as Gabrielle Union and Snoop Dogg among the previous investors.

Key quote: Many investors were skeptical. They wondered how deeply parents should pay attention to certain amounts of iron or folic acid in their children’s diets.” — Angela Sutherland, co-founder and CEO of Yumi

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A new year means tax season is upon us. A good accountant will help small business owners and entrepreneurs file their tax returns, but a good accountant will also advise on things like securing small business financing, improving cash flow and increasing revenue or reducing costs. Here’s how CPA can help small businesses enter 2022.

Airbnb’s technical co-founder, Nate Blecharczyk, has created the market charts and marketplace blueprints for the $100 billion home-sharing venom. Now he’s using his engineering mindset and an army of data scientists to solve the company’s most challenging problems.

The funding challenges small businesses have faced during the pandemic have made it clear that Main Street needs new pathways to capital. Forbes cRohit Arora ontributor predicts that in 2022, as fintech partnerships grow, banks and community lenders will help a wider range of small businesses.

If your small business isn’t on social media, this is the time to get started. TikTok overtook Google as the most visited site in 2021. The social media giant is a good place to interact with customers and should be a part of your marketing and hiring strategy in 2022. Here’s more small business tech news you should know.

Retool CEO David Hsu has taken an unusual approach to his low-code startup’s Series C funding round, raising just $20 million from fellow co-founders like Stripe’s John and Patrick Collison and ex-GitHub CEO Nat Friedman in an effort to curb dilution For Retool employees. The new funding doubles the San Francisco-based company’s valuation at $1.85 billion, and does not include new capital.


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