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After making fun of a mosquito control product, I knew it would only be right to highlight another piece of buzz reduction technology that was showing off their products at CES this year. Mosqitter is an industrial scale mosquito killing machine that attracts female mosquitoes before they have a chance to lay eggs. From there, he would be a short distance from sending them with great confidence.

The company explains that there are four natural ingredients that mosquitoes are lured into before they are released into their vampire and blood-sucking ways: carbon dioxide.2 From breathing, the thermal signatures of our bodies, ultraviolet light of a certain wavelength that mammals emit and smell. The four Mosqitter product is used to attract objects, in different cycles to increase their attractiveness. The company states that its product is designed to work in all weather conditions. It can be powered remotely through an app, and can be powered 24/7 by adding an optional set of solar panels.

Once the mosquitoes are lured into the machine, they are killed without the use of poisons.

“Mosquito mimics an organism that attracts female mosquitoes and pulls them into the device. Results can be seen from day one. After two to three weeks, the mosquito breeding cycle will stop and the area will be mosquito-free,” explains Olga Dyachuk, COO of the company, before explaining that the machine It doesn’t kill mosquitoes directly – it has a net that keeps them trapped, as they starve to death and/or dry up.

The company originally started sales in 2020, and claims to have sold more than 250 units. It hopes to begin scaling up manufacturing in local areas where the machines will be most needed, including Italy, India and Zimbabwe. Perhaps most impressively, the company accomplished all of this on a tight budget. Since its founding in 2019, the company has been operating from $85,000 grants from Ukraine’s Startup Fund and CRDF Global, and a $100,000 angel’s check, as well as its proceeds from product sales.

Mosquitter currently has three different versions of its product on the market – the smallest, for home use, costs $950. The business-focused edition costs $1,150, and there is a large-scale edition available for $2,100, which focuses on parks, local municipalities, and larger areas.

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