Melania Trump Launches NFT Collection, Selling NFT at Auction

Former First Lady Melania Trump has announced an NFT auction of one-of-a-kind items to commemorate the Trump administration’s first official state visit.

The NFT auction is titled “The Head of State Collection” and features three pieces, including the hat she wore to receive French President Macron. The French president and his wife were the first official visitors to the White House during the Trump administration in April 2018.

Now their visit will be commemorated at Melania Trump’s NFT auction, with the NFT itself being an exclusively digital artwork of the movement. An original watercolor on paper by Marc-Antoine Colon also joins NFT at auction, along with the hat, which is described as an “imaginative military masterpiece”.

Online Bidding Only for Melania Trump’s NFT Auction

The Head of State’s Collection is previewing on Melania Trump’s website, and the online-only auction is scheduled to begin Jan. 11 and run through Jan. 25. The opening bid was set at $250,000, with initial and subsequent bids accepted for SOL cryptocurrency.

While there are possibilities to make money with NFT, Melania has stated that “a portion of the proceeds” will be used to provide scholarships to individuals in the foster care community.

The auction winner will receive a personal letter from Melania, which will accompany the hat and the watercolor on the paper plate. The NFT will be minted on the Solana blockchain.

Solana distances himself from Trump’s NFT project

A representative of Solana spoke out to separate blockchain from any political bias after Melania Trump first announced her use of the Solana platform. The actor described Melania’s choice to use Solana as “completely organic” and emphasized that the former first lady’s project was not part of any Solana-led initiative.

In fact, crypto experts have also confirmed that Melania or any other political entity does not need permission to build on a particular NFT platform. Once you know how NFT works, it is a relatively simple process that most people can complete.

Photo: Melania Trump’s office

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