How to Get Paid to Walk

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Looking to get paid to walk? There are a variety of apps that can make you money. Be aware that these do not provide enough extra cash until you can quit your day job. But you can work your way up to a few dollars, donations to charity, or even some shopping discounts.

Here’s everything you need to know.

Can you really get paid to walk?

You can turn your walking habit into money. There are many app rewards and payment options to choose from. Such as physical and digital products, gift cards, charitable donations, and even Paypal payments. You don’t even need to go to the gym. You can start from wherever you want, like your local coffee shop.

Why do apps pay you to walk?

Earning money by practicing is a win/win situation. Lower your blood pressure, lose weight and earn points. Get paid to walk on your own schedule.

These are more than just fitness apps. They allow you to do charity work without collecting money from family and friends. And even bring in a little money while walking the dogs.

Get paid to walk with these apps

Here is a list of other fitness tracker apps. Some pay you to walk and then balance your reward points with donations or merchandise.

1. Walgreens

This is a great app for working towards healthy goals. Remember, Walgreens has replaced Walgreens Credit Rewards. Now you can get coins.

Join a four-week challenge. Track your progress and earn rewards either automatically or manually.

Available at: iOS, Windows Phone and Google Play

2. Charity miles

This application uses the pedometer on your phone. Create an old school pledge page. Or choose a charity. Download it and record everything from cycling and dancing to walking and running.

Available at: Charity Miles app is available for iOS and Android

3. Sweatcoin App

Earn cash from your daily steps to spend on services, products and charities. This is the health that connects brands with health-conscious individuals. The currency you make can be transferred to everything from shoes to phones. If you get 20,000 Sweatcoins, you will get $1,000 from PayPal.

Available at: iOS and Android.

4. Million steps

The app calculates 1,000 steps per day before it stops. Watch ads to increase your count. Million Steps pays out $10 in prize money or gift cards.

Available at: iOS

5. Runtopia

Earn sports coins with GPS based running app. Spend the coins you get on services, prizes, and gear in the App Store.

Available on: iOS and Android

6. Race

Sign up for this free app. Check-in at different health tracking stations. This app is different from other fitness companies. Higi helps people measure, act on, and track their health. It was built for informational and educational purposes.

Available at: Both iOS and Android

7. Rover

This application provides pet sitting and dog walking. Get paid with PayPal and sign up for free. The application takes a 20% discount. But you do get property damage and third party injury coverage. 30 minute walk for $20.

Available on: iOS and Android.

8. Achievement

This app pays you for every 10,000 points you earn. There is not a lot of extra money here. Only $10 each. You can donate the points you earn to the charities listed. Earn more points by taking surveys. Note, this app has been renamed as Evidation. Get it from the App Store or from the Google Store.

Connect to other fitness app options on your Apple Watch. This app tracks exercises such as walking, cycling and swimming.

Available at: iOS

9. Shopkick

Balance your reward points with either gift cards or PayPal cash. Simply visit the stores and then scan items or watch videos. Walking between items and scanning them earns 10 kicks each. Two hundred and fifty kicks pay $1 cash rewards. This is one of the great walking apps for grocery stores. You just need to complete simple tasks.

Available at: iOS and Android

10. StepBet

There is a cash prize with this health app. You are betting on your “step” goals. Then you split the bet with the other winners. Set weekly prize goals. Miss them and you will lose money, unlike other health apps, you can be left out.

Most bets are $40.

Available on: iOS and Android

There are others to choose from as well. PK Rewards app pays you for your exercise. Get a digital currency that you can redeem.

Other applications and functions that allow you to earn money for walking

There are some other functions/applications that pay you while you walk. Like DoorDash. And some other ways to make money and get fit. Like the following:

dog walking

Dog owners can be busy people. Make your own clocks to walk their canines for them. Average salary is $16.35 an hour. One note here. Get some professional financial advice to get this business right. Leashes and such can be a business expense. Walking dogs are worth a few dollars as a side business.

delivery services

Filling out a customer’s shopping list doesn’t always mean downloading a great app. Working with a popular food delivery service is another option.

  • Amazon Fresh: There are a lot of opportunities. Food products are delivered within two hours. This is one of the best grocery delivery services.
  • sun basketListed: Organic eggs and hormone-free meat products and meats. Sun Basket is offered nationwide with some exceptions.
  • by Dash: Become a driver / walker in more than 7000 cities. Work when you want. The application is completely free.

Here are some other ways to make money walking.

distributing flyers

You can help local businesses by distributing flyers door-to-door.

Become a tour guide

If you enjoy your city and like to talk about it, this can be a good side hustle.

Become a companion or caregiver

Caregiving includes many different things that can get you moving, including walking.

Become a hunting guide

You will need to have access to enough land for this. But there is a lot of walking.

Are fitness trackers necessary to make money walking?

Many mobile apps like Apple health track your steps for you. It is easier to check how many points you have to earn virtual coins and redeem rewards with fitness trackers. Other jobs, such as tour guide, are paid by the hour and can have a direct deposit. There is no need to track.

What app pays the most to walk?

Achievement is at the fore for several reasons. It works with Samsung Health and others. Get rewards for swimming and running too.

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