How Much Do Virtual Assistants Make?

Virtual assistants provide remote support to businesses and individuals. This is one of the best home business opportunities that you can start on your own with little or no investment. There are a variety of virtual assistant services that you can offer to earn a steady income. Here’s what you should know about this growing career path.

What do virtual assistants do?

The job of a virtual assistant can vary depending on their skills and target clients. Some virtual assistants work on specific tasks such as design or marketing, while others provide more general services. A successful VA is one that is concerned with self-employment and excellent customer service.

Common VA Tasks

Virtual assistants can handle a wide range of services for their clients. Here are some common virtual assistant tasks that you can handle:

  • Data entry
  • Administrative tasks such as organizing digital documents
  • Inbox management
  • scheduling
  • Customer Support
  • Social media management tasks such as scheduling and responding to inquiries
  • marketing throughout the Internet
  • blogging
  • Comment blog
  • Drafting and sending press releases
  • Proofreading and editing
  • graphic design
  • network development
  • bookkeeping
  • search

How much does a virtual assistant earn per hour?

Many virtual assistants work by the hour. Others get paid to complete specific tasks. Some charge a monthly or yearly fee. Income varies widely based on the skills and services offered. Since you are a technical employer if you become a virtual assistant, you are responsible for setting the rates yourself. However, the VAs reports a median profit of $19.46 per hour. And entry-level VAs might expect to earn about $15 an hour.

What does a virtual assistant do in a year?

Virtual assistant salaries vary based on the services you provide, the number of hours you work, and your skills and experience. If you have a sought-after niche or have extensive experience, engage in salary negotiation to get the perfect price. Virtual assistant salaries often drop around $37,023.

How to make money as a virtual assistant

If you want to make money as a VA, here are some options for starting your online business.

1. Find one virtual assistant job

If you want to keep it simple and make a little money, find a job vacancy and apply to it just as you would a traditional job. This will be just a contract opportunity and you can enjoy a flexible schedule and work remotely.

2. Freelance work with multiple clients

Alternatively, you can work with more than one client to earn more money. This may also require more time or allow you to work with companies that need help with a few tasks each week.

3. Provide a variety of services

Some permanent assistants work primarily as an administrative assistant, handling a range of tasks. This may help you attract more new customers. But it also requires a wide range of skills.

4. Create a niche

Some virtual assistance programs instead focus on just one area, such as managing social media accounts or answering customer inquiries. This can help you narrow down your target audience and focus on the things that you are best at.

5. Work with an agency

There are VA agencies and job boards that can help you find work. They may take a portion of each job or charge a fee. But it may help you find more opportunities.

6. Connect with other companies online

Once you’ve narrowed down the type of small business owner you serve, find other professionals online with the same target customers. For example, if you provide email marketing management, refer clients to those who provide content production services. You may get some additional referrals and provide more value to clients.

7. Marketing for local businesses

Many virtual assistant programs get clients online. But you can also market locally if that is your specialty. Advertise in local publications or meet business owners at local service offering events.

8. Ask for referrals

Once you’ve worked with some clients, ask them to refer others in their industry to bring in more business. Testimonials can help, too.

How to get started with your virtual assistant

Working as a personal assistant or online personal assistant means running your own business. However, you only need a few basics to get started as a virtual assistant for beginners, such as an internet connection and a computer or laptop. However, it is important to ask what does a virtual assistant do? Here are some other steps to take along the way to maximize your monthly income:

  1. Take a virtual assistant training course: Assistant assistants do not need a formal education. But you can still take advantage of courses to help you build organizational skills or learn specific tools like email marketing software.
  2. Choose the services you want to provide: Consider if you are able to handle a range of tasks such as an online executive assistant or if you prefer to focus on a specific area such as managing blog post content and creating an editorial calendar.
  3. determining prices: Then decide how much you can charge for each offer. Browse VA websites for the running rate. But they may charge you more if you have extensive experience or have a lot of demand.
  4. Search for virtual assistant jobs: Many companies hire virtual assistants as they do other workers. Check out your favorite job search site to find virtual assistant jobs in your specialty. You can also check out our Facebook groups and local job boards. Likewise, look at how to find a virtual assistant so you can make it available there.
  5. Create an online presence: Some companies may want to see social proof or learn more about exactly what they offer. Your site and social media platforms can help you appear more formal.
  6. Marketing your services: You can also create online sales pages and ads to attract more potential customers.
  7. Define your working hours: Many people are interested in becoming an assistant because it is one of the most flexible jobs. Determine the hours you can work based on family and other commitments and then let potential clients know.

How to maximize your revenue from virtual assistant jobs

The income you earn when starting your own business in Virginia may not be the salary of your dream job. However, the following tips can help you earn more:

  • Negotiating Salaries and Rates: You don’t have to take the first offer. Ask for what you want, and be prepared to say no to unsuitable opportunities.
  • Automate repetitive tasks: You can get more done if you save time on administrative tasks like billing. Invest in automation tools to cut out these items.
  • Prioritizing Senior Clients: If you have enough work to keep you busy, start saying no to low paying jobs and focus on those who pay the most.
  • Develop new skills: You can charge more if you have the required skills. So learn new platforms and software that your customers value.
  • Raising prices periodically: Once you’ve been in business for a year or two, you have more experience. Charge accordingly.

Can you get rich as a virtual assistant?

Most virtual assistants do not immediately praise, but it is possible to earn a decent income. Those with basic skills and only a client or two might earn a few hundred dollars a month. However, those with high level skills, years of experience and many clients can earn $100,000 annually or more.

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