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Bots are controversial when it comes to Instagram.

Some say it’s OK to use them, others are against the idea. Instagram has very strict terms and conditions when it comes to using a bot, so you need to be careful when considering outsourcing your post.

In addition, many of them are not what they seem, so you need to be careful when choosing one. It’s best to do your research thoroughly, so you know what to expect.

Let’s review Gramista and see how it compares.

What’s the big deal with Instagram followers?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, you’ll know Instagram followers are a pretty big problem.

It’s a huge part of your engagement strategy, which means if you’re not gaining more Instagram followers on a daily or even weekly basis, something is wrong.

It’s probably not your Instagram content, but it will relate to your content strategy, and this could be because you’re not interacting with your community as you’d like. Don’t worry though, we got it.

We realize that you don’t have any time to come up with creative ideas for content, let alone the ability to interact with your audience.

This is where Growth Services come in. They can take care of the boring side of things so you can focus on your content and establish a long-term relationship with your audience.

The only bad news about growth services is that not all of them can be trusted, so treat the entire industry with caution and do your research.

What is Gramista?

Gramista is an Instagram robotic bot. They claim to be the most efficient Instagram growth service available, which means they work on how quickly they can build followers and likes – putting quantity over quality.

Their services cover all the basics of an Instagram bot – like, comment, follow, unfollow, and direct messages. They also claim that their prices are very competitive (which is not the case).

Gramista is what they claim to be a marketplace where you can buy likes and followers for your Instagram profile.

Even at this early stage of the review, we are absolutely convinced that they are selling fake accounts to their customers because it would be almost impossible for them to control real user accounts.

As a team, they claim they’ve got the gift of being able to work hard and provide efficiency and convenience when it comes to their features for your Instagram growth.

They also say that they use the latest technology when it comes to Instagram marketing.

Again, it’s all just smoke because we actually think, they’re just getting bogus post off the shelves, and they’re giving it to their customers.

Gramista review

We’ll start with the positives first

Advanced Settings

They have an advanced settings page that allows you to add hashtags to use on your behalf. While you have to do the hashtag search on your own, it works.

safe site

Gramista is secure, and it’s good to know – especially when you’re giving away personal information like credit cards, etc.

the prices

Their prices are expensive, but they are visible on the site and transparent, with no other hidden costs in the path.


They have a FAQ and a help page available in case you get stuck with the service.

Now for the negatives

the price

Gramista is expensive. There are plenty of other bots that will charge you a one-time fee for using their services.

However, Gramista makes you pay for every day. The only positive side to this is that you can use it for a day as an experiment, but it seems that the longer you want to use it for it, the more you will have to pay.

remote access

The server will try to access your account remotely, which does not make it the most secure service. This can jeopardize your security as well.

No support 24/7

Gramista doesn’t provide consistent 24/7 access for help or support, so if you get stuck and aren’t out of business hours, you won’t be able to reach them.

There are no real reviews

You won’t find any real Gramista review on their site, the ones out there are obviously fictional as there are no credentials to go with them – which means you have to look up the certifications yourself (good luck!).

copyright infringement

He uses “gram” in his name, which is copyright infringement on Instagram!

Terms of use

This is where things get really annoying. Don’t care if you get forbidden Using their service they are too I will not refund you. See the screenshots below, taken from their website.


Gramista ميزات Features

Gramista is for all intents and purposes just a glorified Instagram bot, which means that they will only have the most basic features available to their clients.

This is evidenced in the fact that they literally only provide likes, followers, and comments in order to grow your Instagram, which of all accounts is an incredibly basic approach to your engagement strategy.

You probably know at this point that you need a lot more than that in order to survive in the Instagram industry, so without getting past this, you will end up not doing the thing you want to.

The biggest problem we have with these people is that they try to make it clear that their features are real and come from real profiles.

Again, depending on how their services run, there is no way that could be possible.


Gramista . pricing

Gramista’s pricing is clearly the cheap side of things, considering the quality of the features they offer.

They say that their various packages include an auto-follower, a liker, and an unfollower tool. They also say that every package comes with the support of their employees.

However, each of their packages only covers one Instagram account, so if you are trying to manage more than one Instagram account at the same time, you will need to purchase multiple packages.

They also claim to offer customized packages for customers with more than one Instagram account to grow, but we doubt they will be able to handle this easily.

They say you can start with them at just $1.79, and that goes up to $89.99 for 90 days.

Among the online reviews of this company, many people say that the amount you will pay for it per day is quite a lot, especially considering the quality of its features.

Top Gramista Alternatives

Things we don’t like

One of the things we don’t like about Gramista is that they don’t have 24/7 support.

It would be nice if they did, but they don’t seem to have that kind of support measure in place, which makes us question their credibility.

We also don’t think their prices are reasonable and we think you spend a lot thinking about the quality of service.

gramista banned
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Gramista No refunds
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Is Gramista a scam? Is Gramista safe?

The price does not reflect the quality of the service and your money is better spent elsewhere.

Without any verified reviews of what it offers, it’s hard to know exactly how useful it is without reading internet forums, which don’t give good results either. This could be a red flag in and of itself.

Gramista المستخدم User Reviews

Here are some of the reviews we found for Gramista on Trustpilot. There is also a user reviews section at the end of this article for you to sign out of.

Gramista Trust Pilot

Gramista alternatives

Gramista has some great alternatives that you can rely on instead. Let’s check what those are.



Growthoid knows you’re so much about your Instagram profile that you don’t want a fake post to be sent that will do nothing for your future reputation.

This is why they only focus on real engagement, they even target the communities of your competitors, so there is a real big opportunity to engage with your content.



Growthilo is a managed service, and what they mean by this is that they will take the tough tasks out of your hands, so you can just focus on coming up with more creative video and photo ideas.

We love that they promise organic growth, and unlike other companies including Gramista, they mean it. They know you are of a high standard, and they are more than willing to accommodate it.



SidesMedia has a lot to do when it comes to being an Instagram growth service and a Gramista alternative, but one of the things we love most is its willingness to help you get more exposure for your brand.

We also love that they can help you grow your audience effortlessly, and they have a good turnaround time.

It’s not instant like scam companies, but it won’t take all week either – you can expect delivery within 72 hours.

other information

The New York Times is not a fan of Gramista, and neither are we.

The important thing to note about Gramista is that the company is violating the copyrighted Instagram name. Before you sign up for their services, they run a red flag just by working under their name.

Instagram has exclusive rights to both “Insta” and “Gram”, so the fact that they have the word “Gram” in their name means that it is an easy target to shut down Instagram at any time.

Summary review

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Gramista مراجعة Review

The important thing to note about Gramista is that the company is violating the copyrighted Instagram name. Before you sign up for their services, they run a red flag just by working under their name.

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