Get Your Business Going with a Commercial Cappuccino Machine

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To consistently serve high-quality cappuccino at a diner or cafe, you need a commercial cappuccino machine. There is a variety of coffee machines to choose from, from regular espresso machines to commercial cappuccino machines. Price, quality, speed, size, and ease of use vary from brand to brand. Since the commercial cappuccino machine is a long-term investment, you should be careful with your choice. Here are some of our top picks.

Best commercial cappuccino machine

Jura Giga W3 Professional Automatic Coffee Maker

Best choice for: Jura GIGA W3 is an ingenious cappuccino maker that uses an interactive TFT display that offers 12 barista recipe options and up to 31 signature coffees that can be easily brewed at the touch of a button. A high-performance professional grinder that ensures precise and consistent grinding for years to come. This machine also has built-in rinse, descaling and cleaning programs that make cleaning a breeze.

Jura 15089 Giga W3 Professional Automatic Coffee Maker, Silver 169 oz.

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Wangliwer Commercial Cappuccino Maker

coffee maker coffee maker coffee maker

runner up: Available in black and red, the Wangliwer Cappuccino is the perfect coffee machine for both new and expert baristas. It comes with manual and automatic operation mode, simple and friendly operation panel, and 1 degree temperature control panel. A 1.7L water tank and a capacity of 5 to 10 coffee cups make this machine a convenient addition to any bar of coffee.

Coffee Maker Coffee Maker , Big Size Coffee Makers Red Color

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Gevi . automatic cappuccino coffee maker

Jive 20 Bar Espresso Machine Quick Heating Automatic Cappuccino Coffee Maker

The best value: This automatic cappuccino coffee maker from Gevi only needs 25-45 seconds to finish making a cup of espresso. It comes with a 20 bar high pressure pump that provides fast and stable coffee extraction. The cup warmer on top of the machine will keep your cups warm so the quality of your coffee isn’t tampered with while serving. The device also turns off automatically after being idle for 15 minutes.

Jive 20 Bar Espresso Machine Quick Heating Automatic Cappuccino Coffee Maker

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Keurig K-Café . Cappuccino Maker

Keurig K-Cafe Single Serve Coffee Maker

The Keurig K-Café machine is an ideal choice for anyone looking for a delicious, full-flavored cappuccino. This brewer works with any K-Cup that allows you to brew coffee or prepare cappuccinos and lattes, the possibilities are endless. K-Café also offers hot and cold settings, allowing you to make refreshing iced cappuccinos.

Keurig K-Cafe Single-Serve K-Cup Coffee Maker, Latte Maker, and Cappuccino Maker

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EspressoWorks Cappuccino Maker

Espresso machine and cappuccino machine

This cappuccino maker is the perfect choice if you want to start making coffee quickly and easily. The device heats up very quickly and is ready to use in less than 45 seconds. It also comes with all the accessories you need to make coffee, including an electric bean grinder, measuring spoon and plunger, two 3.6oz espresso cups, a stainless steel milk frother cup, and a high-quality stainless steel filter. It also comes with an auto shut-off feature that turns the coffee maker on after 25 minutes of non-use.

Espresso and Cappuccino Machine with Milk Steam – 15 Bar Pump

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Hypresso Super Automatic Espresso Machine

Premium automatic espresso espresso coffee machine

The premium automatic Hipresso espresso machine lets you go from bean to cup with just one touch. Large 7-inch HD TFT touchscreen display offers 11 programmable brewing options including Americano, Cappuccino, Latte Macchiato and more. This machine is equipped with a double boiler that ensures a consistently perfect temperature for espresso.

Superior automatic espresso espresso coffee machine with 7-inch HD TFT display

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De’Longhi Eletta Super Automatic Espresso Machine. Super automatic espresso machine

De'Longhi Eletta Digital Super Automatic Espresso Machine

The De’Longhi Eletta is your perfect ally if you are looking for a machine that can do as much work as possible, while still producing the best cappuccinos. Two separate heating elements ensure that each cup is automatically brewed to the ideal temperature. This coffee machine also comes with an integrated grinder that grinds fresh beans every time to ensure maximum freshness. The brewing unit can also be easily removed for cleaning.

De’Longhi Eletta Digital Super Automatic Espresso System with Latte Crema System, Black

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What to look for when buying a commercial cappuccino machine

Commercial cappuccino machines give you maximum control over your cappuccinos. A good machine will allow fine adjustments to be made to items that affect aroma, flavor, grind size, temperature, extraction time, and more. With a large variety of commercial coffee machines on sale, how do you choose the best one for your business? Here are some factors to consider.

  • the price: Let’s deal with this first because it is usually the main deciding factor. The price should include more factors than just the shelf price of a commercial cappuccino machine. Think maintenance and recurring costs. Break down your budget into start-up costs that include the price of the machine, any additional installation costs, and running costs, which include machine servicing costs. Does your favorite coffee machine come with a warranty? This should give you some peace of mind knowing that you won’t have to pay out of pocket if your commercial cappuccino machine has a serious problem.
  • business volume: You need a machine that can keep up with the demands of your customers especially during peak hours. Consider the amount of time it takes a commercial cappuccino machine to brew one cup of coffee. You should also keep in mind how much time it will take to clean the device and how often you need to clean. Machines that come with extra features like a treadmill and a hot tub will also help you save even more time.
  • Consistency: When it comes to coffee, having consistent quality is critical to your business. Automatic and programmable cappuccino machines can provide you with consistent coffee all the time, allowing even novice baristas to produce good-tasting coffee.
  • Ease of use: The coffee making process doesn’t have to be complicated. You need a coffee machine that is fast and easy to use. Commercial cappuccino machines require regular cleaning. Your coffee maker will surely appreciate a machine that comes with a programmable self-cleaning cycle.
  • Size: This is usually important when you are running a small business with limited space. Make sure your favorite machine fits easily in the space of your coffee machine.

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