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If you have an Instagram account, you will probably want to market it.

You can do it yourself and manually allocate time and effort each day to spread the word. However, this method can be time consuming and cost other aspects of your business.

Bringing in a third party to help with this part of your Instagram can be helpful and take some of the burden off you. Engaging and promoting Instagram can get boring.

Let’s review the third party and check if we should provide it.

What is a shooting table?

Firing Table is one of the perfect Instagram bots.

It has all the basic features a typical bot could come with, with additional features as well. Advertises basic features as free with a paid upgrade required to access bonus features.

FiringTable says its software works 24/7 in setting up your account and performing all typical bot tasks.

They are charged monthly and are relatively inexpensive when compared to other bots in the Instagram automation market.

They even have evidence on their website claiming that they are much cheaper than their competitors.

Let’s give Firing Table a review.

What’s the big deal with these Instagram followers?

Instagram Followers – Maybe you’re tired of having to think about them.

However, they are still an important part of your engagement rate, even if you’d prefer to be more about your opinions and comments.

The thing is, your followers will be the first thing people see when they come and check what’s going on on your Instagram page, and if there aren’t many of them, people will wonder if you’ve got any social proof at all.

The good news is that there are a lot of growth services out there that can take care of your Instagram followers – you just have to know how to choose them, because there are scams to be aware of.

Getting started with Firing Table

If you want to start using Firing table for the first time, you need to visit their website so you can access it through your browser.

Once you find it, you can see what features they offer, and choose the one that best suits your needs.

From here, they will ask you for a bit of personal information, including your Instagram username and possibly your Instagram password.

You’ll pay for your features, and then you can expect them to be delivered.

Launch Table Features

Firing Table is pretty basic when it comes to its features.

They say everything about what they do is completely organic, and they say you’ll just have to give them some info at first to do a really good job.

They say that they will actively interact with people on your behalf so that you can instead focus on your content being top-notch, and they believe there are no limits to the growth you can achieve with their services.

They say they work their services around the clock for you, so you can grow your Instagram profile all the time. This all sounds too good to be true, and we have a funny feeling that it is.

launch table prices

launch table prices

Firing Table appears to have three different price points for you to choose from, starting with their personalized package that will set you back $29.95.

This can help you manage one Instagram account, they say it will only last for a week, so this is how much you will spend on their features for a week.

We don’t like this one, because it’s a tad on the expensive side. The next package is the Professional package, which will cost you $49.95 per week, helps you with priority support and faster interaction, which is nice and mysterious.

From here, you’ll get access to their Business package, which will cost $79.95 per week, a huge jump from their other packages.

We think all of this stuff is pretty expensive, especially if it’s just using an Instagram bot to help you out.

What about their team?

Companies like Firing Table are usually so interested in what their potential customers think that they have a great deal of information on their site about their team.

This way, you can get to know the people who make the features, and you can feel confident that they are being developed in a safe and secure manner and will ensure that your reputation is protected in the future.

However, we are sad to say that we couldn’t find anything like this on their site, which to us means they have something to hide.

If you can’t be honest with your customers in the beginning, you won’t be honest with them in the future.

What do their reviews say about it?

Their reviews are clearly so bogus, it would take someone who literally entered the industry for the first time to think they are legit and authentic.

They have some quite detailed reviews, but every name associated with the comments is a first name, so there’s no telling who actually left them.

We think they did these reviews to make themselves look good, which is of course a cause for concern.

If they are a legitimate company, they don’t have to form reviews about their features to win you over.

Shooting table review

First, we’ll go over the positives

safe site

Firing Table provides a safe site to scroll through and eventually sign up. This is important if you are running an online business – it prevents scammers and hackers from accessing and taking customer information.

Visible prices

The shooting table is clear about all their charges. In fact, they only seem to have one service – apart from the free feature where you get the basic tools. This keeps it simple and reduces your risk of being stung by hidden costs once you’ve committed to the paid bonus features.

Confirmed Payment Gateways

When you decide to make the most of the bonus features and commit to a monthly payment, they will ask for your credit card information through the authorized payment gateway. This is an extra layer of security.

Now, let’s go through the negatives

Help and help page

While the Firing Table does have a page where you can email a query and they’ll get back to you, unfortunately, they don’t have any FAQ anywhere to answer your questions.

24/7 customer service

Given that they don’t have a FAQ page, you can probably already guess that they don’t have 24/7 customer support. This is important – if something goes wrong with their software and they are not there to help, you may be in trouble.

real reviews

They definitely have reviews available to read on their website, and they seem to delve deeper into the matter. However, they do not have verified names attached to any of them that you can look up and make sure they are correct. They are generic initials with surnames, which suggests that the reviews are not real.

Top launch table alternatives

Is Fire Table a scam? Is the launch table safe?

In general, we recommend that you do not associate your account with Firing Table. Since it is an automated robot, it is possible that its growth and participation is not organic which means that it is not safe to use.

You also need to be careful when using bots – it is possible that your account will be banned if Instagram is vigilant enough. One online review claims that their bot delivered horrific results and that the connection was poor. Even when they asked to opt out, they kept charging for it.

We found some other reviews here. If you find anything else, please leave a link in the comments section.

That kind of experience seems to be enough to keep anyone else from trying it.

It is better to stay away from this.

Summary review

firing table
firing table

In general, we recommend that you do not associate your account with Firing Table. Since it is an automated robot, it is possible that its growth and participation is not organic which means that it is not safe to use.

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