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Mine’d, a digital health network and platform that connects consumers with emotional health experts and society, has raised a $3.5 million seed round led by Listen Ventures. The round was also funded by WNDRCO, Able Partners, Joyance Partners, Route 66 Ventures as well as angel investors Ed Baker, former vice president of growth at Facebook and Uber, and Jillionaire of Major Lazer. Mine’d features interactive, short-term, live and on-demand classes for users based on a wide range of topics, including dating, breakup, career, and purpose. Since its launch six months ago, Mine’d has built a community of over 100,000 users and 1 million videos.

The platform was co-founded by wellness tech entrepreneur Aaron Albert and emotional wellness content creator Mark Groves. Albert, who is now the company’s CEO, says the idea for Mine’d was prompted by his experience trying to find support after a breakup. He says he has found traditional treatment expensive and time-consuming, while modern solutions such as telemedicine lack the quality of their care. A friend who knew he was going through a tough time sent him a health video of Mark Groves. Albert says he was immediately moved by Groves’ content and communicated with him, after which the couple began working together.

“I started explaining all the challenges I’ve faced as a consumer wanting emotional support and he crossed out to me all the challenges he’s faced as a creator of emotional wellness content, and I didn’t feel like there was a safe space for peers in the middle,” Albert told TechCrunch. “It was very clear that there was a real opportunity here. And so Mind was born.”

Once users join Mine’d, They were asked to identify the areas they wanted to improve. Users are then presented with a selection of experts where they can see the areas they specialize in and browse through the content before choosing who to follow. Users can join live sessions where they can ask expert questions and get support or give it to the community.

Regarding the new funding, Albert says Mine’d plans to use it to bring an additional 100-200 experts to the platform. Mine’d currently has 20 wellness experts, including Vienna marriage and family therapist Pharaoh, marriage, family and relationship expert Dr. Alexandra Solomon and sex therapist Shadian Francis. The company also plans to launch creation tools that will allow its experts to provide more support to their community. Mine’d also aims to focus on email marketing and content production. Finally, the company plans to use the funding to launch exclusive in-app Mine’d courses.

When asked what sets Mine’d apart from other wellness apps, Groves said other platforms are focusing on how to scale individual therapy, coaching, and group therapy. Although Maine believes in these methods, Groves believes that by the time someone goes to therapy, it is too late for their personal growth journey.

“We wanted to meet people, with structured and amazing content, in the first step, a frictionless space where people start looking for answers to their problems and challenges and understanding their feelings,” Groves stated. “WThey wanted to create a space in which they could be themselves, be curious, be vulnerable, and decide the depth of intimacy they would be comfortable with given their knowledge of personal growth, therapy, and consumption of content that is sometimes challenging and emotional. “

Looking ahead, the company plans to continue developing Mine’d in a way that still looks personal and fragile. Groves explained that Mine’d would help its experts Reach out to people who need support while allowing them to earn money for their expertise. Additionally, Albert said the company also plans to expand its offering.

“We aspire to become a unifier in the emotional wellness space,” Albert said. “We want to give our community the opportunity to not only get help with our many content offerings, but to eventually be able to book 1:1 training and small group training. We plan to launch a Mine’d Training Certification, allowing people to participate in their advocacy and become coaches. themselves.”

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