Customers Want These 8 Things from Local Businesses Post-Pandemic

Most Americans would like to support more small businesses in 2022.

This was the result of a GoDaddy survey conducted by OnePoll.

The survey found that since the onset of the pandemic, 76% of consumers have made efforts to support local small businesses.

What consumers want from local small businesses after the epidemic

The research polled 2,000 adults in the United States about their shopping habits and what they would like to see from small local businesses after the pandemic.

The overall message from the survey is that customers appreciate how small, local stores have evolved during the health crisis. 41% of respondents said they value small businesses that offer curbside transportation. The same amount said they value having a contactless payment option, and 36% welcome businesses with an online store.

The most important eight things

The survey found that the eight things shoppers would like to have in the post-pandemic era are:

  • Contactless payment options 37%
  • Pickup from the sidewalk 37%
  • Online stores 37%
  • Self Withdrawal 34%
  • Virtual / Digital Loyalty Cards 30%
  • Mobile apps 30%
  • Apply in advance online 26%
  • QR Code Lists 23%

The importance of selling online

The survey emphasized the importance of offering goods and services online, with 68% of consumers saying they would shop more than small businesses if they could purchase items online.

Melissa Schneider, Vice President of Global Marketing and Operations at GoDaddy reiterated the value of active online selling for small local businesses:

“Offering your goods or services online is the best way to keep people coming through the doors, which may seem counterintuitive at first, but it really is a great power.

“Having an online storefront or online payment options, along with offering payment options in person, are all important to consumers today,” Schneider added.

The research provides important insight into consumer requirements, and shows that many of the trends that have shaped during the pandemic, such as curbside payment options and contactless payment options, are here to stay.

For small local businesses to remain competitive, they need to meet these demands by maintaining the services they have provided throughout the health crisis.

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