Cities and Counties Offer Small Business Grants to Relieve Pandemic Stress

Small businesses can find grant opportunities from a variety of sources, from private companies to the federal government. But some of the most relevant opportunities come directly from your local government.

Local Government Business Grants Address Ongoing COVID Omicron Problems

Here are some small business scholarships offered by cities and counties across the country.

New River Valley Small Business Relief Program

Virginia’s New River Valley Small Business Relief Program has launched a new grant program to support businesses in the area. Eligible companies may receive up to $15,000 to offset struggles associated with the pandemic. The Virginia Department of Housing and Community Development has awarded a Community Development Grant to several local communities as part of its pandemic recovery plan. And that money covers this new grant program. Applications are submitted on January 28.

Elkhart American Rescue Plan Scholarship

The city of Elkhart, Indiana, has just opened a new round of grant funding to support local businesses. This latest round includes $400,000 in funds from the US Bailout Act. Businesses that have been forced to close or encounter other difficulties are encouraged to apply via the city’s website. Each company can ask for up to $25,000. January 31 is the deadline for this last round.

Small Business Match Grants for the City of Iowa

Iowa City now offers matching grants to local businesses. Companies with employees may apply for up to $5,000. Those who do not have can qualify for up to $2000. In addition, priority is given to businessmen who live within the city limits. At least half of the recipients must be women, minorities, individuals with disabilities, or disabled veterans. Entrepreneurs can use grant money to cover various expenses, ranging from accounting to website development. Applications are submitted on February 4th.

Bayonne Small Business Scholarship Program

The Bayonne, New Jersey City Council recently passed a resolution allocating more money to local small businesses. The city’s Small Business Grant Program has already awarded $5 million of its funding from the US Bailout Act to small businesses in previous rounds. She plans to spend more. Orders will be available on the city’s website when the new tour officially launches.

Kern County Small Business Small Grants

Kern County, California is about to launch a new round of grants for local businesses that missed out on earlier opportunities. This round includes nearly $1 million in funding. Eligible companies can apply for grants of $2,500 each. To qualify, companies must have earned $50,000 or less in 2019 or had five full-time employees or fewer, and be able to demonstrate financial loss related to the pandemic without any financial support from previous relief programs. The money can be used for operating expenses or even payments for a business loan. Applications are expected to be revealed in February and will be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis.

Thurston Strong

Thurston Strong is a group of jurisdiction and community groups that support Washington’s business. The group just announced a new round of about $5 in small business grant funding. All Thurston County businesses can apply for up to $10,000 based on pandemic-related needs. However, priority will be given to small operations and minority-owned businesses. Applications are now available. Funding is awarded on a first-come, first-served basis.

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