10,000 subscribers later, This Week in Fintech has a venture fund – TechCrunch

If you’ve been keeping up with fintech, you probably know that the fintech community is a large (but small) tight-knit group of enthusiasts that includes all kinds of people – from founders to investors to fintech-interested employees at startups or big companies to journalists like me. Over the years, few players have emerged with their … Read more

The Startup Magazine Top 2022 Construction Industry Trends

As one of the most exciting industries in the world at the moment, the construction industry provides tons of people with an opportunity to make a living and do something good for the world around them. Whether they’re into discovering new and unique construction materials or coming up with innovative design features that will revolutionize … Read more

After QuizUp and Trivia Royale, Thor Fridriksson’s next act is a mobile MMO – TechCrunch

QuizUp founder, Thor Fredrickson, is back again. The Icelandic serial entrepreneur is a two-for-two creating viral mobile games, but so far he’s succeeded in turning them into a viable business. Today, he’s (sort of) coming out of disguise to announce his third attempt: Rocky Road. Rocky Road, named after Fredrickson’s pioneering journey, is an open-world … Read more

Atlassian acquires Percept.AI – TechCrunch

Atlassian today announced that it has acquired Percept.AI, an AI company from Y Combinator’s summer 2017 batch, that offers an automated virtual agent support solution — a chatbot, basically — based on a proprietary AI engine for natural language understanding. Atlassian plans to integrate this virtual agent technology into Jira Service Management, its tool for … Read more

European, North American edtech startups see funding triple in 2021 – TechCrunch

Rhys Spence is head of research at Brighteye Ventures, a European edtech-focused fund, where he works with portfolio companies to help address priorities, with a focus on internationalization and HR. More posts by this contributor What we can learn from edtech startups’ expansion efforts in Europe The 2021 edtech avalanche has just begun Even as … Read more

The.com launches a low-code, collaborative website builder that uses customizable ‘blocks,’ not templates – TechCrunch

A startup with the easy-to-remember name of The.com aims to modernize website building while also ensuring that web creators get credit for their work. The company, which is today emerging from stealth with $4.4 million in seed funding in tow, has created what it calls a “low-code, website building platform” that aims to ditch the … Read more