How a Diverse Team Brings More Creativity and Engagement to Your Business

Opinions expressed by entrepreneur Shareholders are their own. It’s been over a year since I helped produce a globally televised KISS gala in Dubai on New Year’s Eve 2020. We’ve brought people from all over the world to collaborate with people from the local community to create a diverse and memorable experience that has won … Read more

How Entrepreneurs Can Leverage Visualization: A Neuroscientist Explains

Making a mark in an ever more competitive arena is challenging, and entrepreneurs are looking for new ways to gain an edge. The new generation of entrepreneurs is starting to look to neuroscience for insights to improve their performance. Psychologists have long understood the usefulness of visualization as a method of behavioral therapy, but its … Read more

Fors Marsh Group Takes A Data-Driven Approach To Help Build Consumer Awareness Of Social Impact

Fors Marsh Group employees collaborate on the design and execution of projects to address important … [+] societal challenges Fors Marsh Group With a focus on data-driven impact, Fors Marsh Group has grown over 20 years into a research and strategy firm with nearly 400 employees that emphasizes transparency, measurement, and accountability. In its work … Read more

Three Office Trends That Will Shape The Future Of Work

by Marshall Mosher, founder and CEO of Vestigo, works to elevate remote teams in virtual reality. GT Working life as we knew it before is gone forever. What’s next is a topic of urgent debate among today’s business leaders. Staff preferences have changed inextricably. Flexibility and mobility have once replaced standard procedures and advanced office … Read more

How To Encourage Ownership Among Your Employees

Written by Maria Timothy, Senior Consultant at OneIMS Which helps companies grow by creating and capturing demand and managing and nurturing relationships. GT As a business owner, a sense of ownership is an integral part of the job. Your commitment to your job is the result of your conviction and determination to make your vision … Read more

European VC Hunts For The Startups That Can Change One Billion Lives

Agate Freimane of Norrsken VC is looking for companies that can impact the lives of a billion people Patrick Linden Patrick Linden +46706536266 Norrsken VC is nothing if not ambitious. As Agate Freimane explains, as general partner, the goal of the Stockholm-based venture capital fund is to find and invest in European startups that have … Read more