Can you build centralized islands in a decentralized ocean?

Hello and welcome back to Equity, a podcast about startup business where we break down the numbers and nuances behind the headlines.

We’re back at full speed this week, so Mary Ann And Alex with Grace or grace Behind the scenes at our Friday show. next week Natasha And Chris We’re back, and we’ll be giving a regular lineup of three shows. However, despite having a smaller team, today we had the same amount of time to chew:

  • OpenSea’s epic new fundraising: Alex has done a bit of Fun Math on the company’s turnover and total revenue potential. The gist is that OpenSea is a great company. But with NFT volatility as it is, charting regular growth is going to be difficult.
  • During our coding chat, we also delved into the discussion of Web 2.0 vs. web3 that was raging.
  • From there, we focused on fintech, with notes on Petal’s funding round, the new Ribbit fund and how a Mexican fintech bank is pursuing its target customers via offline methods.
  • Then there were the notes about the disharmony of private and public markets, and a few moments of complaining about COVID.

We are back Monday morning! Chat with you then!

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