British Tabloid to Pay Meghan Markle Only $1.35 to Settle Years-Long Legal Battle

A three-year legal battle stalled and Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, won.

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Markle took over Associated Newspapers, the parent company of the British tabloid newspaper mail on sunday (which also operates MailOnline in digital format) after the outlet published excerpts of a handwritten letter she wrote to estranged father, Thomas Markle.

The Duchess sued Mail On the grounds of a breach of privacy, and after threats to take the case to the UK Supreme Court, the case was settled for a sum that would finally be paid to her on January 9 – $1.35 (equivalent to just £1).

Associated Newspapers will also pay Markle a “confidential” amount regarding her claims of copyright infringement (because she composed the reprinted letter without her legal permission) and potentially cover a portion of her legal costs, if ordered by a court.

Markle said last month after Mail She lost her appeal to appeal the case after a judge ruled in her favour without a formal trial earlier in 2021. “While this win sets a precedent, what’s more important is that we are now collectively brave enough to reshape a tabloid industry that obliges people to be tough, and benefits From the lies and pain they create.”

The low amount supports Markle’s claims that she was trying to create a buzz to change the tabloid industry, not necessarily to make money from the legal battle.

“The courts have held the defendant to account, and I hope we can all start doing the same. Because it may seem so far away from your personal life, it is not.” Tomorrow it could be you. These harmful practices do not happen once in a blue moon – they are daily failures that divide us, and we all deserve better.”

Markle’s settlement with Mail The outlet also demanded that front-page statements (both print and online) about the missing case be executed, which it did on December 26.

It is estimated that the legal costs of the Duchess exceed one million pounds sterling.


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