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The online world is a competitive place. There are now hundreds of thousands of companies online, displaying their brand for the world to see.

They compete for the same set of customers they are marketed with on a daily basis, choosing what to look at based on their personal interests.

Online marketing, especially when it comes to social media, can be tricky if you don’t know what you’re doing. That’s why it’s a good idea to outsource an online marketing company to make a living.

Let’s give one of these companies a review.

What is authentic?

It authentically claims to be an organic marketing growth system for Instagram. They make other long claims on their website including that they have created over 10,000 successful clients and brands. After a simple and in-depth investigation, we can clearly see that Authentically is nothing more than an ordinary Instagram bot. Although we are not entirely against the idea of ​​a robotic bot, we do have to offer a word of caution. They tend to close Instagram accounts, so you can use them at your own risk.

Let’s give an authentic review.

original review

First, we will explain in detail the pros

  • secure site: Authentically make sure to check the basic box when it comes to running a successful website with good security. Since they built their site with https security, you can rest assured that any information you share with them will remain confidential.
  • Visual Pricing: While they were making sure to include their prices, it’s a little confusing. They require you to register first before anything else to unlock the free 2-week trial. As far as pricing is concerned, they only have one package at $35 a month, with little information to explain exactly what that involves.

Now, we will discuss in detail the negatives

  • FAQ and help page: Although Asala has a page detailing how their service works, they don’t seem willing to answer any frequently asked questions, so I’m left wondering what other customers want to know at first.
  • 24/7 Customer Support: In addition to leaving their FAQ and Help page, Aseel has never bothered to set up a sophisticated support team that you can contact at any time of the day or night. This is a concern if their software crashes on you outside of normal business hours.
  • Real Reviews: Unfortunately, Authentically seems to have done a pretty poor job of passing their fake reviews on for real ones. Most of their reviews were done by “Anonymous”, and when there is a name associated with a review, it is just a first name. We don’t think these are real for a moment, which naturally raises a rather big red flag.

Really a scam? Is it safe at all?

To sum it up, we don’t think Asala is safe to use. This is because they are not honest about how they really run their service.

It is nothing more than a simple and automated Instagram bot, which does not require much skill to learn how to operate. The fact that they wear this in hopes that you’ll think they’re something more leaves a bad taste in our mouths.

It’s better to research something, and be honest about what they do.

other information

Use the Instagram logo authentically as if it was a partnership with Instagram on their website, which is very misleading because Instagram will not partner with this type of service as it goes against their terms and conditions. A whole bunch of similar sites like Instagress, Mass Planner and Archie have been shut down by Instagram in the past.

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