5 Trends For Small Business Marketing In 2022

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In this episode of the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast, I’ll be giving a solo show to start the year off. I’m talking about small business marketing trends for 2022.

Takeaway key:

It’s that time of year again. It’s time for a lot of people like me to listen to what we see on the horizon so that people like you are better prepared to respond to the coming shifts in marketing.

In many ways, I think real service posts like this one are about putting a name on things that people are already starting to feel. I don’t claim to have special knowledge of the future, I see things through a lens informed by the thousands of conversations I’ve had with business owners and influencers alike.

In this episode, I look at the trends I predicted in the past year and break down the trends I expect to emerge in 2022.

Topics I cover:

  • [2:05] Think about the trends you projected for 2021.
  • [2:14] Attention becomes a survival mechanism.
  • [2:48] Everything gets smaller.
  • [3:06 ] Artificial intelligence becomes practical.
  • [3:32] Investing in talent is back in style.
  • [4:08] Video becomes personal again
  • [5:12] UX and SEO are hooked at the hip
  • [ 5:46] Training classes swell
  • [6:46] Brand purpose supersedes originality.
  • [9:10] Events are still hypothetical.
  • [10:40] Co-marketing is no longer a big game.
  • [12:20] Small business learns to outsource content.
  • [14:08] More on the importance of NFTs this year.

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